Diabetes Symptoms Quiz


I created this in Google Documents…. pretty cool. Check it out…

Should any of these apply to you, YOU should schedule an appointment to be tested.

FYI – I suggest you follow the advice of Dr. Davis, of “The Heart Scan Blog” and purchase a blood glucose meter.  You can purchase one at Walmart for @ $20 … a small price to pay…   If you do buy a meter, your blood glucose levels should be:

Overnight Fasting Level = sub 100
1 Hr Post Meal = sub 140
2 Hr Post Meal = sub 120

** If you can not view the quiz below, click here for full page view.

To view a site dedicated to “proper” Diabetes Management, CLICK HERE.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Symptoms Quiz”

  1. BROTHER!!!
    I tried the quiz, I was going to answer today and then take it again answering for last year. It does not give me a response. Just that my results have been noted. What did I do wrong my man?

    and GREAT IDEA by the way!!!

    1. OH yeah – forgot this:
      OFBG < 100: 90% of the time
      1 hr < 140: Unsure. I'll test for a couple days and get back to you. 1 hr after lunch today-97
      2 hr 120 once every two weeks, NEVER > 130!

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