Anne Luther’s Story

Update: Anne is my longest online friend, we have been friends since the summer of 2009.  She’s been a friend, mentor and shoulder.

Pay attention to her story!!! Millions of people have elevated blood sugars and are accruing cell damage daily, many unknowingly… just like Anne was.

Today Anne is still THRIVING and not just surviving.

I was never diagnosed with diabetes. In 2000 I was given a glucose tolerance test (OGTT) to see if diabetes was the cause of my painful peripheral neuropathy (PN). At 2 hours my blood sugar peaked at 202. My doctors told me not to worry about this as my fasting level was good. At that time I believed what they told me.

In a way I am glad the docs discounted my elevated blood sugar as that kept me searching for other causes of my peripheral neuropathy. In 2003 I found a link between gluten intolerance and peripheral neuropathy. I tested through Enterolab, the test was positive for antibodies to gluten, which meant I was was gluten intolerant.  I went on a gluten free diet and had many amazing health improvements. Not only did my PN improve, but my shortness of breath and pitting edema in my legs disappeared. I had cardiac bypass in 2000 and before going gluten free, I thought my heart was reblocking (maybe it was?)

Fast forward to about 2 years ago I decided to take another look at my blood sugar. My fasting was still below 100 and my doctors were totally unconcerned. I bought a glucometer and was shocked to find how easy it was to get to 200 after I ate. I was gluten free but eating a high carb diet. Off to the internet to find a solution. Armed with information from Jenny Ruhl’s “Blood Sugar 101” and Dr. Bernstein’s “Diabetes Solution” I immediately started a low carb diet and brought down my postprandial blood sugars to under 120. Often they are lower.

I don’t remember how I met Steve on the internet, but I was very impressed with how he turned around his health through diet, exercise and lifestyle and his enthusiasm for helping others. His story is amazing. He has helped me get moving. I really hate exercise and his encouragement helps to keep me going.

It is a sad state of affairs when doctors give us no hope for recovery and can’t see beyond the prescription pad. Seven years ago when I told my doctor how horrible I felt, his answer was “What do you expect, you are getting old.” I was only 60. Thank goodness for the internet and all the wonderful people I have met online who have helped me regain my health.

Steve Note:

When I began my “journey” into Low Carb Paleo / Primal obviously Mark Sisson who wrote, “The Primal Blueprint” was the greatest influence. Anne Luther is second in influence. She was (and still is) a respected nurse and online health advocate whose reasurances based on Dr. Bernstein’s book helped give me the confidence that I was on the right path. I asked her numerous questions during the early months…and still do.  I’m glad she “tolerates” me.   :)   Additionally, Anne is very active with a Gluten Free group that is online & offline.

Thank you Anne for being a friend, for sharing your story and for all that you do to help others.


PS – Another story where the doctors, “got it wrong”…. that is what happens when they receive all of  their diabetic diet information from the  Big Pharma and  the American Diabetes Association…  :(

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  1. Sandra_Abernathy

    Steve has also helped me alot, and eating low carb is the only way to eat!! I think so many people have inflamation problems and more, and it’s the foods we eat. And the more natural we eat, the better!! Look at all the garbage put in our foods!! Anyhow Anne, welcome!! Your story is an inspiration to everyone!! Nice to meet you!!

    GOOD FOR YOU for taking control of your life and your health!!
    It’s amazing!! Complications and conditions that the Doctor explains as “getting old” or “part of diabetes and will only require more meds” can actually get better through lifestyle! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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