Fighting Corpulence….then and now.

When I first saw the word “corpulence” … I had to look it up.

It’s meaning?  According to

The condition of being excessively fat; obesity.

Indeed I once suffered from corpulence…  here is a picture from last year showing my 40″ Levi’s ….the picture was taken in July 26, 2009. At the time, I weighed 168 lbs, about what I weigh now… maybe a few pounds heavier.  Which means…. I have maintained a healthy weight FOR THE LONGEST LENGTH OF TIME SINCE HIGH SCHOOL!!! woo HOO!!!

…. hmmm I wonder if Low Carb Primal has anything to do with it ….hmm.

You know… if you are reading this and you need to lose weight or lower drugs and insulin… you may want to give it a try.   Here’s my meal plan and my diabetic nutritional chart.

BACK to the subject of this post… CORPULENCE!  I was reading about insulin and the first person to create and administer insulin to a human, Dr.  Fredrick Banting. While reading his story, I recalled that  a  gentleman with the last name of Banting also wrote what is reported to be one of the first “low carb diet books”.  Using Google… in just a few moments I had a full length and free “online” version pulled up on my computer screen.

Here is a link to the online book. By the way, Google Books is a great source of information on books, there are many full length or partial excerpts of many many books.

Letter on Corpulence by William Banting is reportedly one of the, is not THE first low carb books ever written.

Be forewarned… Mr. Banting is “lowER Carb”  not “low carb Primal” so I am not proposing that you follow his meal plan.  His story is interesting,  just as we are ridiculed by the American Diabetes Association and their minions for our meal plans today… Mr. Banting was ridiculed as well.

Oh… and his book was written in 1865…. the more things change…the more things stay the same. :)

Yes, that’s right… EVEN in 1865 people  experimented with and knew  low carb meal plans helped people lose weight and improved their health…. and the “establishment” has been  fighting it ever since.

Reduce drugs …reduce insulin and IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH… go Low Carb PALEO!!!! :)

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7 thoughts on “Fighting Corpulence….then and now.”

  1. And the agribusiness interests will always be against it. Neolithic foods are low labor (one guy on a GPS controlled tractor can handle thousands of acres), and low-labor means high profits. All of our low-carb paleo foods have to be hand picked or hand processed.

    1. Thanks for the comment Don. So true as well… Big Pharma and Big AgriBiz … are two powerful foes in this ongoing battle… we must defeat them to win the war. :(

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