Ruth Hintz’s Story

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic when I was 25 years old.

I was taking three (3) types of insulins Novolog , Lantus and Symlin. I was also taking two drugs just for diabetes Avandia and Glucophage. I was sent to Diabetes classes at the local hospital & I had appointments with their Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). They of course recommended the ADA diet which is very high in carbs. My glyco hemoglobins were never normal. I have had to have laser treatment on my right eye three times, I also have neuropathy in both of my feet due to my high blood sugars.

In may of 2009 I was advised by my doctor to consider having gastric bypass surgery. He said alot of people have gone off their insulin right after having the surgery.  I wanted to be off insulin so I thought this is my miracle cure. Well I had the surgery and my blood sugars did not improve right away and I was depressed that I still had to do the insulin shots.

It was around this time that I received a freind request on facebook from Steve Cooksey . He was a diabetic who was off all his meds. He told me about eating low carb and the paleolithic diet. I started eating the way he suggested and my blood sugars improved dramatically. My last glyco was 5.9 . I’ve lost 175 + lbs and I am still losing.  I no longer take 10 shots a day . I might need to do 1 or 2 shots a month if my blood sugar is above what it should be.

I am almost insulin free and I take no oral diabetes drugs at all.

If I ate the way the ADA says to I would be on 10 shots a day and I dont want to be doing that. Its worth giving up carbs to be able to be free of constant insulin shots & the pills that cause so many side effects. I really am thankful that Steve told me about eating the right way and exercising.  He has helped me so much. I am able to get around better and my health has improved greatly .


Here is Ruth's Before and After

Steve Note: WOW! I love hearing Ruth’s story….so very inspirational.

There are MANY things she’s leaving out.. we’ve known each other for about a year now.   She’s taught me much.  Here is her Before and After pic.

1) The sad truth is, many who have surgeries eventually add most or even more weight back  if they do not learn to eat properly.

2) Ruth was essentially drug/insulin free in December of 2009.  A hospital stay in January 2010 unrelated to diabetes caused her major setbacks… HOW?
While in the hospital, they would not feed her a proper “diabetic diet”…. they fed her the standard American Diabetes Association meal plan… loaded with CARBS!!! When Ruth discharged from the hospital she COURAGEOUSLY went back to taking insulin…. after all Blood Sugar Control is THE KEY!

She has fought back to about where she was prior to surgery. I salute her… many would have given up.  Indeed… many HAVE given up.

Thanks again for sharing,


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13 thoughts on “Ruth Hintz’s Story”

  1. WOW Ruth! . . just WOW!!!
    Your story is inspirational and very moving! THANK YOU for having the courage to share.
    Ruth, your story just stoked my fire! THANK YOU!!!

    Steve, you’re absolutely correct! Controlling blood sugar is the KEY! I’m (hopefully) nearing my goal of dropping ALL medications. If I cannot keep my blood sugar where I want it through diet and exercise alone I’ll be going right back on the metformin. It will NOT be a failure of any kind. I’ll do whatever I have to do to keep my BG normal or as close to normal as I possibly can.
    Honestly I’m curious to see what changes I’ll go through in BG and physical well-being once I go off the met. I’m sure I’ll be boring you to tears!

    1. Thanks for highlighting my comment that, “blood sugar Control is the key”, as it TRULY TRULY is “the key”.
      Weaning off drugs is “no guarantee”…. many variables come into play some inside and some outside the diabetics control. Thanks my friend.

  2. Ruth, you are an inspiration to me and every diabetic that reads your story! I am so happy that you turned your life around and are now happier and healthier because of it!

  3. Ruth, congratulations on taking charge of your health and life!! Truley inspiring!! And all of us who eat a low carb diet, know that this is the only way to eat!! Never give up!!

  4. So much of what the medical field tells you is garbage. It is good to see that some can realize things for themselves and take control. This is a great story!

    1. Thanks Gus. It is a great story and one that more and more or telling… but sadly it is still such a small fraction compared to the MILLIONS who daily are being “fed” dietary & nutritional lies. :(

      These lies will only compound the world’s obesity and disease epidemic….at a time when we can least afford it.

  5. Ruth –
    Amazing story! My favorite part is this key sentence, “Its worth giving up carbs to be able to be free of constant insulin shots & the pills that cause so many side effects.”
    Congratulations on your well deserved success!

    1. Great Point Tiffany. Another key point… she’d beaten the monster once before… BUT the medical community (in the hospital) FAILED TO GIVE HER WHAT SHE NEEDED!!!

      They “assumed” to know what was best…. it gets my blood boiling every time I think about it… :(

  6. Another amazing story! It’s just so sad (not to mention wicked) how the ADA gets away with this kind of thing.

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