Primal Chili II

I can and do eat chili year round … but had not made it recently…. that all changed this morning.

In my opinion, low carb “primal” chili is a great food for diabetics… and it is what I call a “3-2” pitch in my personal diabetic diet. Truly, it’s a great food for EVERYONE!

Why? … check my recipe… only 4.5 grams of carbs per cup and packed full of flavor. You can add and subtract ingredients of course…but just make sure to COUNT YOUR CARBS!! :)

Check this link for my full recipe and cooking instructions, CLICK HERE. … I make  it differently each time I make it. Not only do I add different spices but here’s a cooking tip… changing the “coarseness” of the ingredients makes a difference too… in my opinion.  Today’s batch was processed in a food processor…. for a nice smooth texture.  Other times, I will chop and dice with a knife.

Lastly, I cook and eat chili with many different foods…it’s great with Eggs, fish, steak, bacon, ham… it’s a perfect “side dish” for ANY MEAT!

I’ll shut up now and start showing you pictures. :)

First up is the ingredients and carb values. ENJOY!

As you can see… 4.4 g per cup, which is low by itself, but add this with your favorite meat …and it really cranks the carbs down “per mouthful”. :)

Below…is a picture of the ingredients… note the spices used. I often use Coriander, Tarragon, Basil, Oregano, Paprika, … but CUMIN and GARLIC are required when I make it.  No “if and or butts” about it. :))


The next picture is of the onion, celery and green peppers after they have been processed. Note: You can chop or cut these up to change the texture and I believe the taste of the chili. For carbs… it doesn’t get much prettier than this….to me. :)

And NOW for the final product… just plain old… Steve’s World Famous Low Carb Primal Chili!!!! :)    Hmmmm Goood!!!
Remember!  YOU can make huge batches of chili…freeze them in individual containers and add to your standard meal to really “spice” things up a bit. :)
Hope you ENJOY!

If you have not visited my Food Category Link , click here for more low carb but tasty diabetic foods.

6 thoughts on “Primal Chili II”

  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a month or so and just want to add my congrats to what you have accomplished! I am a non-diabetic RN who has adapted my primal diet to one more along your meal plans. I feel great and have lost those stubborn last 5 pounds. I am slow-w-ly converting my diabetic husband to your plan. I do the cooking so I no longer serve him” small servings” of pasta just because he loves it. We threw out the pasta. We eat Meatza or “sauce” over greens. He still eats pizza and ice cream once a week. But he’s beginning to see the light. The higher am blood sugar, the feeling crappy/sluggish the next day. And don’t get me started about those hospital dieticians and RN Diabetic Educators!! As you said, carb up and shoot up, ugh! In my very long career, I have only met one patient who insisted on eating a low-carb diet while hospitalized. His blood sugars were excellent and he’d already lost 60 pounds. Oh the fights he had to endure with the dietician, “you NEED carbs” blah, blah. I have always advised patients to cut carbs and processed food. Maybe it’s practicing medicine without a license, but why keep poisoning people!! Anyway, thank you for your site and showing people the path to reclaiming their health. Tina

    1. Thank you for the kind words and congrats to YOU!!! … your husband is a lucky man! :)

      re: pizza there are numerous low carb options with fat head’s being the best I have tried. Here is a post on it.

      I use a mandolin stringer to make ‘fauz pasta’ out of yellow squash or zucchini … you probably know all this but just to make sure… ;)

      Ciao and all the best to you and yours!

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