Pictorial view of my latest Primal Chili creation…. chili is so tasty and so versatile. It’s an awesomely awesome diabetes friendly food. :)   Here is the post with the full recipe. Here are two other Primal Chili Posts…. here and here. ** As always … click on the pictures […]

More Primal Chili

* Note:  You can click on any picture for a full sized view… I encourage that. :) … usually my most favorite primal meal … is the one I’m eating or have eaten last. Having said that, here is my NEWEST Favorite Primal Meal!!! Ingredients: Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs […]

Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs

I can and do eat chili year round … but had not made it recently…. that all changed this morning. In my opinion, low carb “primal” chili is a great food for diabetics… and it is what I call a “3-2” pitch in my personal diabetic diet. Truly, it’s a great […]

Primal Chili II

This is an introduction to Low Carb Paleo Chili, otherwise known as Steve's World Famous Chili! What's that? Never heard of it...huh. :)

Low Carb Paleo Chili