Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs

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… usually my most favorite primal meal … is the one I’m eating or have eaten last. Having said that, here is my NEWEST Favorite Primal Meal!!!

Ingredients: Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs … I call it…. “Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs”!!!! :)

Seriously… and this is very serious. This is a low carb, truly diabetic recipe. The ENTIRE meal is less than 12 g of carbs and VERY FILLING because it’s loaded with good protein and good fats.  Carbohydrate Info : 1.5 grams for 3 eggs and less than 5 grams per cup of chili, I used two cups for this meal.

Steps to create this dish… …and this dish is D-LISH (delicious) and P-lish (primal).

1. Create (low carb) Primal ChiliCLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!

2.  Bake, broil or fry the bacon.  I normally fry the bacon but I also like to broil & bake it as well for a crispier version.  I only used four pieces of thick cut bacon for this meal.

** I take a butter knife and slice the bacon into bite sized pieces, using  the spatula to hold the bacon in place.

3. Add in two cups of Low Carb Primal Chili and stir, mixing in the bacon pieces and the chili.

** Note: You may notice that the chili has “greens” , I will add and subtract different “veggies” from time to time. In this batch of chili I added spinach and cauliflower to the “base” recipe.  I also added more beef and sausage to “even out” the carbs per cup ratio. :)

4. Add eggs, you can add as many as you want, this time I added (3) .  You have choices, you can scramble the eggs, cook them “over easy” or any way you want. I typically cook them “over easy” myself.

Mere words can not describe how delicious this is….  going truly low carb primal while breaking my carb addiction has been an  awesome experience.

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