My Paleo Dream

No… sadly,  this was not a dream where all the people ran around in loin cloths. HA!

This was a day dream concerning our national nutrition …

Imagine a time when an overweight teenage boy goes to the pediatrician. The boy and his parents are sitting in the doctors office and the the doctor after reviewing the child’s food journal,  lectures the child and his parents. “The child needs more saturated fat and less whole grain cereal!”  The doctor sternly suggests placing the child on an eggs and bacon breakfast plan for the next four weeks…and urges the  parents to throw out the “ready to eat cereals” in the home.

As they are talking an assistant knocks on the door and enters, handing the doctor some papers and walks out.

As the doctor reads over the documents, his face becomes a darker shade of red…. the parents and the child shift nervously in their chairs.

“Uh HUH! … just as I THOUGHT!”  …doctor looks at each of them as he says, “the  boy’s  HDL  numbers are lower than last time AND his dense LDL cholesterol numbers are higher as well.”

Now the doctor’s gaze has settled solely on the  young man, “Son, do you know what eating  grains and high carb foods is doing to your body?… do YOU?”

The boy answers, “No sir”.

The doctor says, “then there is someone I want you to meet… let me have her come and talk to you.”

A few minutes later a lady walks in and introduces herself as a Registered Dietitian. She begins to tell them a brief but accurate story of the state of nutrition today.  “You may have heard about the recent court cases involving collusion between the FDA, ADA, Pharmaceutical Industry and Monsanto … but if not, in brief , large pharmaceutical companies, big agri-businesses such as Monsanto and the Sugar Lobby  were corrupting the National Institute of Healthth (NIH), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other groups including the American Diabetes Association.”

“We now believe that high fat, higher protein meal plans are best for all. We do have un-biased studies and many personal anecdotes supporting this as well.”  The parents and the son look at each other in total and complete shock…. for they have been following the high carb, high fiber, low fat, low protein meal plan …with some cheats of course,  for years.

Lastly, the Registered Dietitian said, “Given this new information, we are promoting a low carb paleo meal plan. Here is the new food chart, take it home with you and we’ll discuss any questions you may have at your next visit.”

Here’s the Nutrition Chart she handed them….

Well…. a man can dream…can he not! :)

Keep sharing and caring… one day this WILL BE a reality.

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  1. Sandra_Abernathy

    I went to see a new dietician a few months back for my first and only visit with her. She started saying I needed to eat this grain, and that starch, and this type of talking. Her idea of a balanced meal was filled with high carbs and inflamation causing foods! I then informed her that I eat low carb or no carbs, and that I won’t eat the things she wanted me too. She was not happy and seemed upset. She said anyone who eats like that are “Nuts”. She wanted me to come back for more of her information, but I refused. I never went back. I told my doctor who highly praises me for eating low carbs, about this Dietician. And I told others I know at that Federal Medical Facility about it. Some of the girls there said other Native Americans like me were refusing to go back and see her as well, but they didn’t know why. I don’t want anyone loosing their jobs, but as a Type 2 Diabetic, I am frankly sick and tired of the wrong information being given out to fellow Diabetics. Also, if we all were to teach and inform our families, our kids even as adults, and our Grandkids about what we’ve learned, we can save them from this disease!!! Steve, I’d love for your dream to come true. A time when the correct information would be taught to EVERYONE. God Bless my friend!!

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