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Wall of Shame


I have ranted and railed against the American Diabetes Association (ADA) numerous times.   That was fun…and therapeutic but there was no “sport in it”… the ADA is an easy mark. The high carb diabetes diet they promote harms people….every day AND the ADA is paid by Monsanto, BigPharma and the Sugar Lobby for promoting it.

For more of a challenge I turned my scorn on more “sporting game” and coined the phrase “ADA Minion” … it’s a derisive term meant for all those that promote the ADA diabetic diet and profit from such promotion, such as Certified Diabetes Educators, Endos, Docs, Registered Dietitians…anyone really.

All of this is of course, no laughing matter.  Daily I communicate with diabetics who have been “damaged” by the harmful, high carb meal plan of the ADA… it is a shameful disgrace on our “medical industry” as a whole.

I received spirited comments on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog regarding the ADA and their Minions…. so in an attempt to allow for more “reader participation” I have opened up a page on my new website called…

“The Wall of Shame”

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The link is on the Left Hand side of each page, highlighted in yellow on the picture to the left.

This is a webpage where you can create your own “Wall of Shame”  webpage entry regarding a group or website etc. You are invited to add YOUR OWN ENTRY for the “Wall of Shame”…. sharing the lessons you have learned WILL help someone else…guaranteed! :)

To go to the Wall of Shame, click here.   Again, the purpose is to allow you to vent your frustration and to alert others to the many pitfalls that await us in the “real world”.

As always, thank you for your support.