Dissecting a Study

My first dissection of a nutritional study was ” Failed the Smell Test ”  THAT study was PATHETIC…. it was almost TOO EASY to rip to shreds.

This post will dissect another study.


The Study

Moderate-carbohydrate low-fat versus low-carbohydrate high-fat meal replacements for weight loss

Let me lead off by saying, this study is “locked up” behind closed doors. You must pay for a membership to be able to see the details. I am not paying to read this study.  Reading the “details” is always important but more so with this study… why?

I cringe each time I read the phrases  “moderate carbohydrate” or  “low carbohydrate”  in studies… ONE never knows what they mean.

To me, low carb means 50 grams or less per day.  To some, low carb means less than 150 grams per day but to some 200 grams of carbohydrates can be considered low. For example, a diabetic could easily consume 400+ grams of carbohydrates following the American Diabetes Association (ADA) meal plan, yet the ADA tells their “constituents” their meal plan is low carb… it is not.  You can read my post here on the subject.

So, before we even begin I must confess, I have NO idea what the authors consider “low carb” or “moderate carb” meals.  This thanks to the study being behind a ‘pay to read’ wall.

The Authors …

Jillon S. Vander Wal – PhD is a Licensed Psychologist.  You can read more about her,  https://sites.google.com/a/slu.edu/jillon-s-vander-wal/.   She did participate in a study showing that egg consumption was better than bagels for calorie reduction…. so there is hope.

Michael Mcburney PhD – At Kellogg, McBurney was responsible for the nutrition labeling of U.S. products and nutrition research. That’s right… our number 2 listed researcher… worked for Kellogg’s. I’m sure he’s intellectually honest and has no ties to the grain, sugar nor cereal industries. Since his Kellogg’s days he’s been teaching, working nutrition studies and he’s now Head of Scientific Affairs, DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. — a leading vitamin manufacturer.

He also taught nutrition in the department of agricultural, food and nutritional science at the University of Alberta at Edmonton from 1988 until 1997.

Nikhil Dhurandhar PhD, http://pipl.com/directory/people/Nikhil/Dhurandhar – apparently Dr. Dhurandhar has discovered a virus responsible for obesity… you know , if there’s a virus or bacteria responsible…. we gotta have a drug to kill it. His study was published by the American Diabetes Association.

He worked with or for the co-funder of the study, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA, USA — I am guessing they had “drugs” that would kill the obesity virus.


Oh, one last thing on Nikhil … he worked with a study showing,


“Eating ready-to-eat cereal after the evening meal may attenuate caloric intake in night snackers and promote weight loss in compliant individuals.”


So, Nikhil Dhurandhar PhD produced a study saying essentially… late night snacks of “cereal” promoted weight loss... uh huh.


Department of Psychology, Saint Louis University, St Louis, MO, USA  – not too bad so far…

Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, MI, USA   – wow! Look at this — what could be inappropriate here?? LOL!

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Results of the Study

Objectives : To compare the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate high-fat versus a moderate-carbohydrate low-fat diet for weight loss and cardiovascular risk reduction.


Results :

Both the Low and Moderate Carbohydrate groups lost significantly more weight as well as inches from their waists and thighs than the Control group, while the Low Carbohydrate group lost a greater percentage of body fat. Although the Moderate Carbohydrate group showed significant reductions in serum cholesterol, the Low Carbohydrate group showed the greatest improvements in serum cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and very-low-density lipoprotein.”


Do you get it?  The “LOW CARB DIET” group lost MORE weight and had greater improvements in cholesterol, tryglycerides, HDL, LDL and VLDL!
This is a resounding success for LOW CARB MEAL PLANS!

So now… let’s read the conclusion of the “unbiased researchers” …


Conclusions : Moderate approaches to weight loss such as a moderate-carbohydrate low-fat diet may be prudent.


Low Carb kicks Moderate Carb meal plans on every score… and they say.


“….moderate-carbohydrate low-fat diet may be prudent.”


This is why I say YOU MUST BE CAREFUL READING ONLY STUDY HEADLINES,  deceit and treachery lurk around every corner… :(

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