Meat Roll

I have recipes for Meatwich (click here) , Meat Muffin (click here)  and other TRULY DIABETIC RECIPES (click here) …….. today I woke up thinking of a possible new recipe.

I had just bought 4 – 6 oz,  “Fillet of Sirloin” steaks for $4.66 per pound.  They were thick and somewhat round in shape…. so I thought about a recipe that I would try… luckily … IT TURNED OUT GREAT!!!

Note: Click on the pictures below for a full sized view.


1) 6 oz of “Fillet of Sirloin” … I had two for breakfast, one per person would likely suffice for most “moderate” eaters.

2) 2-3 pieces of bacon per fillet  , I prefer peppered thick cut bacon.

3) 1-2 cups of your favorite vegetables per serving – mine are greens, this was spinach.

4) Tony Chachere’s and Black Pepper for spices

That’s it!  A simple yet very FLAVORFUL recipe and relatively inexpensive.

Step by Step

1) Cook 4-5 pieces of bacon and add your vegetables on top of the bacon and let it simmer while you prep and  cook the meat.

2) Sharpen a knife and begin slicing the round steak into one long strip. Mine was probably about a 1/4 inch thick.  Don’t worry, if you “mess up” and cut it too thin and it severs, that will not be a problem just use toothpicks to hold in place.

3) Once the steak has been sliced into a long strip,  I stretch the bacon by pulling on the ends. Next I simply lay the bacon on top of the steak strip and begin to roll it up in a “roll”, trying to keep it “tight”.  I also add a bacon strip on the outside and once it’s wrapped I use toothpicks to hold it together.

4)  Here is a picture before I added the toothpicks, as you can see it holds together pretty well without the toothpicks.

5) Braise the “meat rolls” in a cast iron skillet. I coated the bottom of the skillet with coconut oil to prevent sticking. Two fit nicely in my 10″ skillet. I cooked the two “meat rolls” on medium heat, covered for about 5 minutes. I then turned them over and cooked on medium heat for another 5 minutes.

6) Lastly I placed the skillet into the oven on the top rack and broiled until it reached the “appearance” I was looking for…. these were broiled on high for about 5 more minutes.
I remove the toothpicks, place the meat roll on a plate and add the bacon and greens around the meat roll.

I have recipes for Meatwich (click here) , Meat Muffin (click here)  and other TRULY DIABETIC RECIPES (click here)