Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?

Ok, pretend for a moment YOU are THE MOST influential Diabetic Organization in the world  and your “Healthy Living Magazine”  website was sharing an article on, ‘the causes of diabetes’.

You as THE leading diabetes organization in the world have a unique opportunity to help MILLIONS, perhaps BILLIONS of people.

This post discusses that article.


What would be the causes you’d list for diabetes?     Below are mine.

  • Excessive carbohydrate consumption (this includes sugars obviously).  Excessive carbohydrates raise blood sugars, elevated blood sugars lead to an increase in insulin levels which leads to insulin resistance.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) consumption – yes, I know it’s a sugar but it deserves it’s own listing in my opinion. The explosion of the use of this man-made sugar is seemingly in every processed food.
  • Inflammatory Consumables including Wheat (Gluten) and Dairy. Both elevate blood sugars but both are inflammatory to many in addition to the carbohydrates and I believe that inflammation is an underlying problem.
  • Vitamin D3 Deficiency is contributory.
  • Low Fat, Low Cholesterol consumption – our bodies (including our brains) require fat and cholesterol for optimum health.
  • Other: Chronic lack of sleep, lack of midday sunlight and environmental inflammation.


What does NOT CAUSE Diabetes

  • Genetics – genetics play a role but are NOT the cause.  Blaming it on the “genes” removes personal responsibility and condemns millions to a slow but sure death, after years of cell, nerve and organ damage. I do believe that genes play a role, as some are more genetically predisposed to diabetes, but we can NOT blame genetics for diabetes.From birth, if people ate a low carb, high fat,  paleo meal plan while obtaining optimal levels of D3  … diabetes would all but disappear.

The article I mentioned above from an ADA Minion site, “The Causes of Diabetes” lists possible causes of diabetes.  

Not surprising given the financial support contributed to the American Diabetes Ass., by Big Pharma, Big Food and the Sugar Lobby, none of the reasons I gave were mentioned, not even once.

…..these words were not mentioned ONCE!

1) Sugars

2) Grains

3) Carbohydrates

4) Gluten

HOW CAN you have a serious discussion about the causes of Diabetes and NOT discuss sugar, carbs or  grains????

Answer?   $$$$$$, specifically I’m talking about contributions by Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.  Here’s a post I wrote about the $31 Million donations from 2012.

I successfully self-treat my diabetes with a low carb, high fat, paleo-style meal plan.  I play outside in sunlight when I can… typically barefoot and shirtless.



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11 thoughts on “Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?”

  1. Now pretend this for a moment. All diabetic meds have been recalled for some kinda comtamination or another. Doctros now hafta treat patients with diet alone…What will they do? What will they do???

    1. Good question that strikes at the heart of the issue. :)

      They would be required to:

      a) continue with their current approach and watch people die more quickly than today

      b) instruct them as Dr. Westman suggests…follow a very low carb meal plan

    2. Sandra_Abernathy

      The world needs to relearn how to eat anyhow, and how to get the garbage out of our foods. And avoid all the things that cause inflamation. But to take away medications before people learn to eat low carb and eat right, or CHOOSE to eat low carb and eat right, would be a death sentence on those who refuse to listen to what we are saying. I wish death on no one.

  2. If genetics caused it, I’d be diabetic and so would my mom. With the exception of my mom, her generation were ALL diabetic, mom was the only exception….and with my generation at least 75% are diabetic (including both of my siblings, 3 & 13 yrs older) and of the next generation about 25% are already diabetic. Not all are overweight, but they are diabetic…..and most spend a small fortune on drugs but eat what they want….low fat of course.

      1. Sandra_Abernathy

        Stanford University found that people who are predisposed genetically have two certain genes. I agree with Mark Sisson that these genes can be reprogramed by diet. But I do believe that when it is in the genes, it is in the DNA and it’s coding. But I do believe how we eat will determine how we control it. For instance Steve, you are still a Diabetic, but you control it by diet and exercise. But if you went back to eating like you did years ago, it would be full blown again. I am agreeing with you Steve. I just had to put my thoughts down here. :-)

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