Dr. Bernstein Teleseminar Notes

This post is a summary of the 9/29/10 Free Tele-Seminar provided by Dr. Bernstein.  If you do not know who Dr. B is… check out this introductory post, “Dr. Bernstein a True Diabetes Educator”.

  • Dr. Bernstein is an icon in diabetes care and a low carb paleo diabetes diet proponent.
  • He provides information you will not hear from your medical industry professional.


Dr. Bernstein is a diabetes educator you can trust.  Dr. Bernstein is a diabetes educator you can trust


If YOU are a diabetic, then YOU should listen to the monthly tele-seminars.  You need to register prior to each call by going here. http://www.diabetes911.net/.


Dr. Bernstein’s Teleseiminars

I have listened to many of Dr. Bernstein’s monthly Tele-seminars and I have also purchased his book, “Diabetes Solution“, which I use as a diabetes reference book… so should you.

  • This post is based on my notes and the notes of Karen Bragg Gale (thanks Karen!).
  • If your doctor or health care provider is an ADA Minion (as are most), I urge you to find a low carb/paleo friendly health care provider

Each month Dr. Bernstein spends about five minutes on an announced topic. This month’s topic was, “What to do if your blood sugar increases during exercise or public speaking.”

Everyone but especially diabetics should be performing some form of daily exercise so I wanted to make sure I listened in. Here are a combination of Karen’s and my notes…. with some background added. :)


Diabetes and Exercise

Exercise is good for the body, research has shown that people at literally any age can  benefit from weight resistance and cardio training. This is ESPECIALLY true for diabetics…. who have an increased need for daily exercise for many reasons including muscle and bone health, glucose processing and mental health. I and many others have experienced the benefits of exercise as part of our own personal diabetes management regimens.

Dr. Bernstein himself stated on the  call that he has been exercising at or above his theoretical maximum heart rate. He credits his exercise along with normalizing his blood sugar with erasing his cardiac disease.  BTW…  I don’t exercise at my theoretical maximum heart rate…so Dr. B is definitely BRINGING IT! :)

Exercise is good, however many diabetics have experienced an elevated blood sugar reading associated with exercise.  If you have elevated blood sugar due to exercise Dr. B suggested taking Propranlol, 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to the exercise. He mentioned starting out with 10mg a day and increasing until the dosage 10mg prior to exercise until your blood sugar is affected. He mentioned that the drug will slow down the heart rate but that this should not be a problem for most. You will need a prescription so of course, check with your physician.

Steve Note: Read the link on Propranlol as well as the link to it’s drug class, “beta blockers“.

For me… Prior to taking a drug, I suggest testing different forms of exercises and different intensity levels to see if you can find a combination that does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels.   It could be that the exercise you are doing or the intensity level is increasing your stress levels, which could cause your blood sugar to increase.
FYI – Due to the Dawn Phenomenon, Dr. B does not suggest exercising first thing in the morning since many will have elevated blood sugar readings at this time.


Other Notes from Dr. Bernstein

  • statins can raise liver enzymes, if you have an abnormal liver function test and take statins, they could be the cause.
  • Actos – if you have a history of heart failure or if you have fluid retention Dr. B does not suggest taking Actos.
  • Milk is to be avoided due to the milk sugar, lactose.
  • If you have abnormal lipid levels, normalize blood sugar and check for thyroid abnormalities.
  • Metformin is an acceptable diabetes drug, it can impede Vit. B12 absorption.
  • Dr. B does not recommend “juicing” or putting vegetables into a food processor. Doing so breaks the cellulose “chains” and causes the foods to convert to glucose more easily. Fruits are off limits.
  • Lack of sleep can cause insulin resistance. Also, diabetics have a higher rate of sleep apnea.
  • Due to Dawn Phenomenon, wait 3-4 hours after waking to exercise.
  • neuropathy can be reversed with normal blood sugar.
  • if you are having non-linear increases in blood sugar levels, it could be due to the volume of food consumed.
  • pregnant women and their children do well on Dr. B’s low carb diet.
  • Dr B promotes 30g of carbs per day in three meals daily.  6g – 12g – 12g = 30g
  • Chronic sinusitis in type I & II is due to an immune deficiency disorder and many will have this.  This will raise blood sugar.
  • Type 2 diabetic with A1c at 5.8 taking 1000 mg of metformin – Should this person take insulin?? Dr. recommends to add more metformin to get A1c down to 4.0.

Thanks again to Karen for helping with the note taking! :)