Diabetic Meal Plan, Food Journal

I was reminded of my food journal “reports” which include Protein, Fat and Carb ratios yesterday. I had not posted this in some time…. so here’s an update.  (Thanks to Donna D’Souza)

The report includes August and all but the last two days of September…so for practical purposes, this is a two month summary.

Keep in mind as you read this… THIS IS WHAT I DO!

As a type 2 diabetic, this is what I EAT, this is what works … for ME!

When I say “works” … I mean, this is what keeps me OFF DRUGS AND INSULIN WITH NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR….normal for non-diabetics.

You can read more about my diabetic meal plan by CLICKING HERE! and Clicking HERE!!! :)

Below this picture summary, I have written up my comments/observations… what are YOURS?

Comments / Observations:

  • I do NOT count calories… however this chart tracks them, my typical calorie range is 2,000-3,000 per day… and the average is right in the middle… 2,444. My philosophy is very simple.

“As long as you eat very low carb foods (mostly fats or meats), eat when hungry…and when not hungry, don’t eat.”

    • FAT – I average 176 grams of FAT per day!!! Better still I average 65 grams of SATURATED FAT per day…. and have done so for over a year now. I often workout multiple times a day, am never sick.


    • FAT – 65 % of calories … from FAT! But this is not ordinary fat… this is mostly “good fats”, saturated and monounsaturated fats.


    • CARBS – 22.2 grams per day “on average”. Since 8/25/09 I have been below 50g per day and typically below 30g per day.


    • CARBS – 22.2  grams per day, this is likely been my average for over a year now… do NOT let your “diabetic advisor”  tell you that you must eat 120 grams of carbs per day…    IT IS A DECEPTION! … the question is …why do they deceive? Due to ignorance or greed?


    • Protein: 170 grams of protein is a little high for me but given my workout regimen,  I am happy with it.


According to Mark Sisson,  protein consumption should be approximately 1g per lean body pound, per day.

Other reputable sources place the number as high as 1.5 grams per day. I guess my lean body weight is around 140 lbs so I am a little high compared to Mark’s numbers, but well within other’s.

FYI – my main determinant for protein? If my blood glucose begins to climb, then I reduce protein (and carbs).


On this paleo meal plan…  I have assumed control of my own diabetes management and….

I am THRIVING … not “just” surviving…. ARGH!!!!!

Yes this is against EVERYTHING you’ve been taught, it is a HIGH Saturated Fat, High Protein and Very Low Carb meal plan.

You can listen to me and many others who are living it… (as well as noted PhD’s and MD’s) or you can listen to your Certified Diabetes Educator (ADA Minion) who has a vested interest in keeping you on drugs, insulin and their services… FOR LIFE”

IT is up to you my friend… you can be a sheep … or you can be a diabetes warrior!!!  :)

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