Successfully Managing Diabetes

If you live with diabetes, how do you ‘successfully manage diabetes’? There are many diverse and confusing answers… which cause a lot of suffering.

  • maintain truly  normal blood sugar
  • eat a real food, low carb paleo meal plan


I know what some of you are thinking.  If I have truly normal blood sugars, why does it matter what I eat?

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What you eat matters greatly. I’ll explain below.

Keys to Diabetes Management


Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar

First and foremost, maintain truly non-diabetic normal blood sugar.  Our bodies are designed to maintain a very tight range of sugar in our blood stream. It’s so important that our bodies are designed to secret insulin if our blood sugar reach certain levels.

Additionally, if we take a bite (or sip) of a carbohydrate (sugar, starch), our body senses it and releases more insulin.  Insulin removes the sugar from our blood stream.

Why is maintaining a tight blood sugar range so important that our bodies would secrete a hormone to lower it?  Because elevated blood sugars are toxic to every cell and therefore every organ in our body. 

But ‘just’ maintaining truly normal blood sugar is not enough… if you want to successfully manage diabetes.


A Low Carb Paleo Meal Plan


Why is maintaining truly normal blood sugars not enough?

  • Because it is extremely difficult to maintain TRULY normal blood sugars eating a high carb, grain based diet.
  • The stress and havoc placed on your body as you experience soaring blood sugar highs and crashing lows is not healthy.


Many studies support this including the Accord Study.


Note: The Accord Study actually shows that there is no benefit to tight blood sugar control, however the study used people eating the high carb diets. To truly be successful at managing diabetes it requires truly normal blood sugars, while eating a ‘low carb paleo’ style meal plan.


With a low carb paleo meal plan, you will reduce the frequency of soaring highs and the resulting crashing lows.  A low carb paleo meal plan simplifies the ‘diabetic experience’ dramatically.


Truly Normal Blood Sugars


So what are truly normal blood sugars?  After all if you want to successfully manage diabetes, you need to know.  Actually I wrote an entire post on not only what normal blood sugars are … but why it’s important.  You have NO excuses now. :)

PLEASE READ, “My Blood Sugar Targets and Why

In brief, my targets are 60-90 mg/dl fasting and sub-100 mg/dl all other times. I do briefly exceed these goals at times, typically only after intense exercise.

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successfully managing diabetes



Successfully Managing Diabetes


The goal of every diabetic, the goal of every person should be to obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugar.


Normal Blood Sugar is Important

Our bodies are designed to maintain a very tight blood sugar range.

Maintaining a tight blood sugar range is important.

How important you ask? :)

It’s so important our bodies are designed to secrete a hormone to remove excess blood sugar from our blood streams!

Not only that, our bodies are designed to produce glucose should our blood sugar fall below minimum levels.


Our Bodies are Truly Amazing

If we eat, play and live more in tune with the way were were designed to eat, play and live… we will live a more abundant and full life.

Free your body from the addictions to grains and sugars in processed foods.

Normalize your blood sugar and allow your body to attempt to heal itself from diabetes complications.

Successfully managing diabetes … brings many other health benefits.  A clear mind, a healthy body is a wonderful thing.

Join me won’t you?

Start here. My Low Carb Paleo meal plan.

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