Carnitas…simple and EASY!

Carnitas are so ‘me’ ….. I love cooking simple but flavorful meals AND Carnitas are BOTH.   And… once the pork roast is slow cooked…it’s quick too!

I want to thank my friend Lily Pink for suggesting these. As she mentioned… the basic recipe works great for many different meats.

My wife and I are ’empty nesters’ now,  with the boys and Max gone… meal prep and cooking is a slightly different ballgame.

In the past… a large succulent pork roast MIGHT last a day and a half…. these days… it lasts two to three days and that’s eating pork two to three times a day.  I am NOT complaining… I LOVE eating roast pork butt, don’t get me wrong.  I could eat it for a couple more days without complaint.  It is such an awesome meal because it has it’s own seasoning… PORK FAT! :)   However, after eating the Pork Roast for a couple of days… this ‘variation” was a WELCOMED change. :)

* Yes… I could freeze leftovers and I often do freeze soups, chili etc … I do freeze cooked meats but prefer not to do so.

BACK to today’s recipe – by the way… this tasted … fantaSTEAK!!! :)

Lilly suggested these main ingredients to make the meal:

– Cilantro  (I forgot to add this. …still tasted awesome!)
– Avocado
– Lime
– Sour Cream
– Pork Roast

These are my additions

– Added  2 TBS of diced Onion
– Added 2 TBS of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil  (I used Coconut Oil)

** Note: Click to ENLARGE any picture. :)

Recipe Instructions

1) Slow Cook Pork Roast: I typically cook mine in a crock pot… it’s so SIMPLE!  Heck… most of the time… I don’t even add spices but when I do… here’s my recipe

After slow cooking… separate the pork (I like doing this by hand) … and place in the bottom of a broiler (pic below).

Pulled Pork in the Broiler Pan

2) Broil the Pork, placing the pan on the top rack in the oven, the picture below shows the results.  Next time I will broil the meat a little longer.  The purpose of the broiling it to caramelize the fat and meat… adds a different twist to the flavor.

Slow cooked, Pulled Pork, after broiling.

3) Guacamole … not sure if this qualifies as guacamole or not… it’s my version anyway.  :)  While the pork is broiling (or this can be done in advance), take an avocado and ‘mash’ it up in a bowl, I used a fork. Add 2 TBS of diced onion, 2 TBS of Coconut Oil and 1/2 of lime, squeezed and mixed into the guacamole. Stir it up well with a fork … that’s it. :)

* Make sure the avocado is ripe… it should be soft to the touch.

Here is a picture of the combined results… with sour cream added as a side.

So simple and so tasty!!!

Lastly… traditionally I believe this meal is eaten with tortillas or some other grain based ‘bread’.   I of course DO NOT eat them with any grain based ‘food’.


Thanks again to Lily Pink for suggesting the recipe and for providing valuable suggestions. :)

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