Are you sure you are ok? No… no I’m not.

This is a quick post with pictures … relating a humorous story.

  • I love the way I eat!
  • I love the way I play!
  • I love the way I LIVE!!!


And… I want to share it with people, hoping some will ‘give it a go’. The benefits of this way of living, keep on giving.


All of these pictures were taken yesterday, 1/30/2014.  As the picture above shows… there was some snow on the ground and I was barefoot on this sunny but cold 34 F degree day. I was also shirtless. :)


Are You Sure You Are OK?

No… no I’m not.


To set the stage,  here I am, barefoot, shirtless sprinting up a hill in 34 degree F weather with snow still on the ground. To the typical person, I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous … or even MAD! :)  I had run a couple of hill sprints and I noticed a couple walking their dog at the top of the hill out of the corner of my eye. They were all bundled up in hats, boots and thick coats. (Like normal people)

After sprinting up the hill, I turn around to jog back down the hill.

The lady asks, “are you alright?”

I’m still out of breath and I turn and say, “yes, I am fine thanks” waving as  I turn to continue down the hill when she asks again.

“Are you sure you are ok? It’s cold out here and you have no clothes on.”

I turned back around and tried my best to assure her, ” Yes ma’am I am fine physically … mentally there may be some doubt.  I run barefoot and shirtless all the time. I just started running here because the amphitheater shields much of the wind. I’m a diabetic who was once on drugs and insulin but now I’m drug and insulin free!!!”

… I continued on with my normal spiel.

Once their eyes glazed over from telling my story, I told them to check out … so I hope they read this and respond. :)

Note: When they asked if I was okay, I wish I had responded, “If by ok, you mean normal? No… no I am not.” :)


I think they were shocked that I could complete entire sentences given my appearance, by the end of the conversation I think they were convinced I was just ‘odd’ and not insane. :)

Below you can see the hill I ran.  There was just a few spots of snow left when I took this picture.  This hill is an outdoor amphitheater, the ‘bowl is perfect for shielding much of the cold winter wind.




34 F is cold and there was still a slight cold wind. I would run a few sprints and then warm up against the wall of the amphitheater that was facing the sun.  It was warm to the touch and felt great!!

So too did the sun!  I am a ‘sun worshiper’!!!


In the picture below I’m maximizing my sun exposure and the surface of my skin against the blocks warmed by the sun.



Thhhhhat’s all folks! :)

It felt truly great to get outside and run barefoot, I do it because I have truly normal blood sugar for non-diabetics.

Hopefully the couple I met, actually reads this site and maybe… even shares it with others.

Regardless, I don’t mind appearing ‘crazy’ to others … hopefully it will cause them to question conventional wisdom.

Here is a ‘tag’ on my barefoot posts if you want to see why and more posts.

I’m not unaccustomed to people thinking I’m crazy… I’m used to it, ever since I started this ‘low carb paleo’ journey. :) Here’s a couple of related posts, “Crazy World“, “Crazy Friends“. :)
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