It’s a Crazy World Man

To the average person I often seem ‘crazy’. When the world is turned upside down, there is no virtue in ‘normal’. In a crazy world:

  • Sanity, reason and a love for nature  can appear to be… crazy.
  • Eating only ‘real foods’ and refusing to eat foods that are toxic to me… is called ‘crazy’.
  • Standing in a lake, viewing an amazing sunrise is ‘crazy’.


Because I attempt to squeeze as much as possible out of life, I can appear foolish to those ‘stuck’ in the rat race, but I quit worrying about what others think, to a large extent. I enjoy life and I am THRIVING! Thriving at 55. :)

In grocery stores, at work, in parks …  it’s not even worth mentioning anymore, I have grown accustomed to the stares, strange looks and comments. I often seek to raise attention to how I eat, play and live.  My goal is to cause people to stop and think, to stop and question what they think they know.

Crazy World Man

I truly do love nature and try to experience as much as I can on a daily basis. A favorite place to experience nature is Beatty’s Ford Park, it provides among other things, a perfect place to watch the sunrise over Lake Norman.

Watching the sunrise on the horizon, over the water is a very powerful experience for me and I love to share pictures of the event. (Click any picture to enlarge)

To obtain this picture (below), I had to walk out into the shallow water about 20-30 yards, I will often stand there for 20-30 minutes taking pictures with different exposures and angles etc.



This park also has a boat ramp where fishermen and recreational boaters can launch.

Just so you know, sound travels much better over water.


The Encounter


I am standing out in the knee-deep water,  about 20-30 yards off the shoreline. I was a good 40 or 50 yards from the boat ramp.

I heard two men talking as if they were standing right beside me.

Guy 1:    “Hey, look at that guy just standing out there in the water.”

Guy 2:   “Yeah, what’s he doing?”

Guy 1 :  ” Must be standing out there taking a leak.”    … he meant urinating. :)

Guy 2:  “What a nut… he’s just standing out there.”

I then stretched my arms above my head to take a picture of the sunrise at a slightly different angle.

Guy 1:   “Now look at him, he’s holding his hand straight up in the air.”

Guy 2:  “Man must be crazy…. it’s a crazy world man”.

The conversation continued for several minutes, I was getting a little uncomfortable to be honest.  Not that I was threatened, but it would not have surprised me.  Then there was this…


Guy 1: “I think he has a camera.  Yeah, he does, he’s taking pictures”.

No more words were said.  The men got into their boat and sped out on the lake.


Am I Crazy?

Most people who see how I play or eat … think I am CRAZY!  … even after they know my story.   Most observers are like those men at the boat ramp.  They see a man, standing in knee deep water at sunrise and immediately assume I am a ‘nut’.

In case you are new to my blog, I was a formerly obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic with high blood sugar and now… I am drug and insulin free with non-diabetic normal blood sugar.

Most people are blinded by conformity… blinded by conventional wisdom.  Odds are … you are too.  Do NOT BE.


Crazy Like A Fox

Do not listen to those that profit from this continued and failing low fat, high carb, grain based nutritional policy!!  Who profits from this??? Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry of course.

Only in a society dominated by big corporations can I be considered ‘crazy’ for eating real foods… meats, vegetables, a few nuts and berries.

Only in a society dominated by big corporations can the cake in the picture above be considered ‘normal’ food for human beings.  This cake picture was taken in the office break room.  Foods like this are consumed daily… by millions of people and I am considered crazy….

The cake has nothing that our bodies require and many things that are toxic to us… yet if you eat the cake … you are ‘normal’.

I was once obese, sickly, and a slave to drugs, insulin and medical industry services. However, since 2009 I am normal weight and rarely sick. I am also drug, insulin and medical industry services free!

Am I crazy?

Crazy like a fox. :)

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8 thoughts on “It’s a Crazy World Man”

  1. Great post.
    To be honest, I don’t even try to explain it anymore.
    No one wants to listen to me, so I just go on my merry way.
    We had a high school reunion not long ago, and amazingly, all those jocks who did great in high school sports are now so “old” and fat that they can hardly waddle around.
    I have to wonder if any of them could have kept up with me in the “forest parkour” I did last night. Probably not.
    It’s great to hear from you again, too! I’ve not had a notification of updates in a long time.

    1. … damn, hard to believe you wrote this almost a year ago.

      Apologies for such a delayed response, I was inundated with spam comments… and I did a first in, last reply process, which wasn’t the smartest thing. :)

      Keep on kicking ass! :)

  2. “crazy like a fox.” Haha! Love it! 21kg lost since I found your blog back in May – if that makes me crazy then I wear the label with pride!

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