Thriving with Diabetes at 55

Yesterday (6/9/2016) was my 8th birthday since my diabetes diagnosis in February 2009. I’m 55 and still thriving with diabetes.

  • primal play – my activities a few days before and on my birthday
  • my blood sugar after intense exercise


One of the many harmful lies the medical industry teaches diabetics is “diabetes is a debilitating disease”.  If you believe that, then you are more likely to accept declining health and increasing pain and suffering. My life has had many twists and turns… but at 55 there’s little doubt I’m thriving.

thriving with diabetes 55


Yesterday was my 8th birthday since being diagnosed with diabetes. I am living and breathing proof, diabetes does NOT have to be a debilitating disease. In fact, I THRIVE with diabetes! After reading this post I hope you will agree. If so, I hope you too will start anew.


Birthday Primal Play

I’m starting off with my birthday exercise!

55 barefoot, shirtless sprints at sunrise!  This was a personal record.  Sprints are VERY intense and this was a grueling exercise ‘set’, lasting about two hours.

I tested my blood sugars 30 minutes after the exercise… I was shocked!  I’ll discuss that at the end of this section.


thriving with diabetes sprints


I say this often but dew soaked grass beneath my feet… priceless!



thriving with diabetes sunrise


The sun rising over the school.


Blood Sugar Testing

I was so excited to get out on the football field and run sprints barefoot and shirtless!

So excited I forgot to test my blood sugars after waking!

I was also so excited I forgot to grab my blood sugar testing bag!!!   Therefore I only tested once I returned .. about 30 minutes after 55 very intense sprints.

Boom! Are you kidding me? 79???


thriving with diabetes 79


I am going to devote an entire post to this topic soon, but without a doubt very intense exercise jacks up my blood sugars as if I was eating pure sugar or starch.  The climb is fast and furious, I show proof in this post, “Diabetes and Exercise“.

I have confirmed the spike over and over.  I counsel diabetics not to perform intense exercise if they have elevated blood sugars.

So why is my blood sugar ONLY 79, 30 minutes after a grueling, very intense workout? … I’ll tell you why in an upcoming post.  For now, I’ll only say the length of the workout is the key.  I’ll repeat this experiment with before, during and after blood sugar testings in the future to confirm.


Thriving with Diabetes Pictures

Here are pictures from a couple of days before my birthday… more evidence of me THRIVING with diabetes. :)




I love this picture ^ so much I made it my profile picture on Facebook. :)




chest stuff



The picture above is me… trying to take a picture of me doing a handstand, assisted by the fence.  :)


Lastly, the picture below is of my record of doing 1,000 jumping jacks in 20 minutes.



I hope you will agree that I am THRIVING with diabetes.

Diabetes does NOT have to be a debilitating disease, it  does NOT.

As I like to say I am ‘Thriving! Not just surviving”.


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