Taking Away All Excuses

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. At one time diabetes was largely a disease of the ‘western world’ but no longer. This post will show you, there is no excuse for not obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars, Mr. Kumar takes away ALL of the excuses.

  • Krishna Kumar is a manager in the food service industry.
  • His example shows that literally everyone can do it!


I got goosebumps while rereading our messages for this post. His story really is an amazing one. The picture below is his ‘workplace’.  Not ONLY does he come from a food culture steeped in high carbohydrates… he manages high-end supermarkets!

13392958_10154138967261341_2011366819_n (1)


Imagine if the picture above was your workplace? Imagine coming from a country (Malaysia) where high carb foods were the norm and have been so for centuries. Mr. Kumar really does take away ALL of the excuses.


Much Love

I love Krishna’s story for many reasons.

  1. I love that my message is reaching people all over the planet. The internet can be a powerful tool for good.
  2. I love how his story takes away all excuses. If he can go ‘low carb paleo‘, anyone can.
  3. I love how he accomplished all of his success on his own, without any assistance from me… he simply read my ebook (How to Reduce Blood Sugars). It’s so simple!


Diabetes Success Story

It all started with this…


Krishna Kumar sent me this message.

“Hi Steve. I bought your ebook and have been following your diet plan. Have better blood sugar levels.

Did a blood test 2 weeks ago and eGFR (a kidney disease test) is 59 with high uric acid 540 and cholesterol at 6.2.
Should I continue with your meal plan or are there changes to be made. Need your help.

K.Kumar Malaysia.”


Here is my reply,

“The most damaging thing for kidneys and heart (for all cells and organs) is elevated blood sugar levels.

So obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars is the key to improving kidney and liver functions. Without knowing exactly what you are eating, I can’t help you. You need to keep a food journal for a week via the instructions in the book.”


I also sent him a link to this post, “Cholesterol and Saturated Fats“.

He later replied that his doctor agreed with my advice!  WooT!  So often a doctor will ‘doc block’ me, convincing diabetics to go back to eating and drinking high carb foods.


A couple of days later, more good news.

“Continuing with your advice. Great results previous day 500 gm Metformin at night, my morning reading was 5.1 (92 mg/dl).

Post breakfast 4.2 (76 mg/dl)

Post lunch 5.5 (100 mg/dl)

Post dinner 4.7 (84 mg/dl).”


Isn’t this AWESOME!?!  Nothing compares with the feeling I get when someone thanks me for helping to turn their health and therefore their life around!

He was reducing his Metformin and still obtaining lower blood sugar levels!

Then this!


“Best thing was, I skipped my Metformin last night. So happy this morning it was 5.7 (102 mg). Great improvement. Can’t thank you enough.”


… FREEDOM!  Normal blood sugars (or close to it) AND freedom from diabetes drugs!


Wanting It All

This next message truly warmed my heart.

After congratulating him on lower and lower blood sugars he sent me this.


“Thank you. Its your belief and proof and I can see results as you said the meter doesn’t lie (unless faulty). Now its the exercise regimen that I need to improve on. Thank you doesn’t convey my gratitude to all that I’ve learned from you. As you always say I want to thrive now not just live.”


Reading this touches my heart. He ‘gets it’!  He’s not content with just ‘lower blood sugars’, he wants truly normal blood sugars.

He wants to THRIVE!! and not ‘just’ survive.

After adding light exercise and reducing his protein somewhat, he sent this picture to me.

13457567_10154163489626341_1370789628_n (1)


Boom!  3.7 mmol/l is equal to 66 mg/dl!


Weight Loss

Of course ‘low carb paleo’ helps with blood sugar issues but it also helps with weight loss.

Here is his before and after picture!!!  BOOM!  Pow!  Bam!




Here is a typical meal for him.  Fatty meats and leafy greens… for the win!

13393186_10154138968016341_432533849_n (1)


Changing a Life

Changing a life is a powerful thing.

Now Krishna Kumar is doing what I did… sharing his story with others. His story takes away all of the excuses. You can’t say, “I can’t do it because I work around bad foods” or “my family is ____ (ethnicity) and we eat a lot of carbs”.  Ok, you can still say it, but it’s just an excuse. Stop making excuses, you have NONE!

If Krishna can do it… so can you.

Now he too is changing lives.

Congrats to you Krishna and thank you for allowing me to share your story!


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