Going WILD in Alaska!

Going WILD in Alaska! It’s true, I will be living for a year in the great wild Alaskan wilderness! Soon I will be truly thriving, in Nature! Update: I arrived in Alaska on 8/2 and after a week of gathering supplies we left Fairbanks and headed to the wilderness!

  • Why am I, a 55 year old diabetic attempting this?
  • Who, what, when and where?


I know what many of you are thinking, “But Steve you are a poor old diabetic, you need a ‘diabetes care team’ just to survive, how will you thrive?!?”  And that is one of the reasons I am doing this, to once again prove the Medical Industry wrong. That I thrive without medications and medical intervention eating a paleo diet, exercising and living life to the fullest.

My home for the next year.


I will be living in a camp on the Tanana River with Andrew Badenoch and Jennifer Andrews. The picture above was taken by Jennifer, she is sharing pictures of her wilderness experience.


Why Go Wild in Alaska?

As I told a friend of mine recently, how can I not go?


  • Raising Awareness

Soon after a diabetes diagnosis in 2009, I discovered a ‘better way‘, a better way not only to treat diabetes but also all of my other ailments. Much of what I have done since, has been to help others and to raise awareness of the benefits of a ‘paleo’ lifestyle.

In 2012, after the state of North Carolina threatened to shutdown my website, I sued North Carolina for infringing on my freedom of speech (and won!). I wanted to stop ‘state’ encroachment on my freedom of speech but another main reason was to raise awareness for the benefits of a paleo lifestyle!

I plan on publicizing this adventure far and wide, hoping to reach more and more people. I want to hear more and more stories like these two I recently received.

I love feedback like these from Chrissie and Liz!


  • Proving Medical Industry Wrong

I try to shine light on darkness by proving the Medical Industry wrong.  They are wrong on nutrition and they are wrong on most things.  The prevailing thought these days is that diabetics require a ‘medical care team’, comprised of doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators and endocrinologists, etc.

Note: I have not seen a medical industry professional for diabetes or sickness since 2009, none. I did go to the Emergency Room after a dislocated shoulder and I received one prescription for pain.  But that’s been all of my medical industry contact since 2009. Yet I thrive!

What better proving ground for a paleo lifestyle than… WILD ALASKA!  The nearest town is an overnight hike away. The nearest city, Fairbanks is a five hour drive or a 3-4 day canoe ride away.


  • Experimentation

After my diabetes diagnosis in 2009 I discovered through self-experimentation a better way to self-treat not only diabetes but other diseases of inflammation.  I continue to do experiments to this day, 7 years later.  I experiment with various exercises, activities, foods and nutritional ratios… you name it and I’ll experiment, within reason. :)

Perhaps THE ULTIMATE experiment is to live in wild Alaska for a year. Living more in tune with and living more attuned to nature.

Part of the success of ‘paleo’ in my  opinion is eating and living as we were designed to eat and live.  What better place to do that but in the wilderness of Alaska?


  • Love of Nature

Since my diabetes diagnosis and nearly dying, I have experienced a rebirth of sorts.  With my second chance on life, I have developed a deep love for nature and respect for wildlife.

Alaska is one of the places a person can go to experience nature and wildlife in all its splendor.  A place where people can truly get close to and more attuned with nature.

How can I not go?


Who, What, When and Where

This isn’t me, Steve … getting off a plane and wandering off into the wilderness.  LOL :) Not at all…

I leave August 2, 2016 for Fairbanks, Alaska!

I have friends who know what they are doing, Andrew Badenoch and Jennifer Andrews. They have been living in a camp on the Tanana River, as will I. I am so excited to be working with them. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!


Adventure Updates

First 21 Days
Leaving the Wilderness
Gear List


Support My Mission

Help me raise awareness for a ‘better way’ to eat and live!

Help me show more people how to THRIVE with diabetes!

Spending a year in the Alaskan wilderness will be expensive!  Fairbanks Alaska is one of the coldest places on Earth and especially in the United States. Gear rated to that environment is especially costly. I would appreciate your support to help cover the costs for…

  • Essential gear costing $1,000’s of dollars
  • Lost wages and earnings
  • Equipment to help share my adventure in real-time will cost $1,000’s


Other than a few clothes, not much that I own here in North Carolina transfers well to life near the Arctic Circle.  I have begun purchasing and shipping clothing, supplies and gear to Alaska. I am excited to begin this new endeavor and share my experience with you all. Any support you can provide is more than welcome.


How to Support

Make a one time donation through PayPal Diabetes Warrior.

Below my budget for travel, equipment and general camp expenses.


going wild


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Diabetes does NOT have to be a debilitating disease and I want to prove it… again.

Thank you.