Going Wild Gear List

Want to see the gear I am using on the Alaskan Adventure? While the adventure has not gone according to plans… the adventure continues! Previous posts:


These are generally in the order of my opinion but all are recommended. A few have not be used in ‘the wild’ yet, but I have tested them. The last section… Items I wish I had bought.



Note: I’ve included Amazon links, should you purchase these items I would receive a small commission that will help support this site. If you do, thank you. <3


Recommended Gear

I have fallen in love with some of the items I’ve purchased. The picture above hints at one of them. Can you guess?


Morak Knife – Love this knife!  Carbon Steel, wooden handle. I used this everyday, multiple times a day, for wood, rope, and even coconut oil! :)




Slumberjack Lattitude Sleeping Bag –  This bag is a BARGAIN!  It is rated for -20 F. I used this bag every night. When I arrived in Alaska in August, I used the  bag primarily as a leg or partial body cover. By the end of September, with lows in the upper 20’s I was sleeping in the bag, but not zipping it.

Its greatest challenge so far came after a long day of canoeing, the sleeping bag became soaked with water.  It snowed lightly that night with a heavy frost. My sleeping bag inside was damp but not wet,  I slept comfortably. I dried it out the next day, all is well.

My next adventure will take me hitchhiking/camping to Denali. temps to reach the low 20’s. :)




Muck Boots (Mud Boots) – Ok, these are expensive mud boots, but if you are in water and/or swampy ‘muck’, they *may* be worth it.

I wore these every day, especially first thing in the morning (dew in the tall grass), after a rain, and anytime I went hunting or hiking.  They fit me like a glove, very comfortable fit.

Lastly, they just look cool to me, like Star Wars Trooper boots.  :)




Viking Pro – Wilderness Tested 10 Inch Tablet, with attached keyboard – I typed this post using the tablet, enough said, for less than $100! I really wasn’t expecting much… but this tablet survived the wilderness and is a competent machine for Social Media, blogging and watching videos.  It has done all that I have wanted.

Camp Stove – ok, calling this a stove seems odd, but this is WAY COOL! It folds up and fits in your pocket! It has a self-igniter that really works!




I’ve met so many awesome people along the way. Chris, a fellow traveler in a hostel, gave me this. He had two and gave me one …with fuel!


Bodum 24 oz, double walled, stainless still coffee press! Makes delicious coffee. Stainless steel = durable. Double walled = keeps coffee warmer, longer. Turns even inexpensive coffee into deliciousness!

Awesome Gloves! Thermafits – I used these every day and other than being ‘soiled’, they are as good as new.

80% Merino Wool Socks – nice wool socks for ‘light-duty’. Heavy duty, wool hiking boot socks will cost much more. These performed well for light, daily camp-duty.

Lightweight Wool Base Pairs – Tops  and Bottoms. Note, these too are lightweight. I have not worn these in very cold temperatures yet. I have only worn these once, and they kept me warm on a cold, rainy canoe ride. I was being towed and including the wind… it was very cold.

LED Headlamp – Pretty cool for hands-free ‘light’ in the wilderness. This could replace your flashlight … even in civilization.


Wish List

There is an endless list of items I could add here… jet ski, fishing boat, but I’ll keep it real. :)

Below are items I will purchase before my next adventure.

Thermos – keeps hot drinks or soups HOT! Can’t believe I don’t have one already!

Single Wall Bottle – Why single wall? Its true single wall will not keep liquids hot as long, but that’s not it’s purpose— the purpose is to keep you warm. Fill it with hot liquid, put it in a sock and place it in your sleeping bag or inside your jacket on cold mornings.