Friends … PRICELESS!

This post is inspired by Monty Python and the picture below. Their caption, “Finding friends with the same mental disorder… Priceless!” I love it!

  • Camaraderie, support
  • Laughing at myself
  • Caring less about other’s opinions


Eating a ‘low carb paleo’ style meal plan, avoiding cakes, cookies, pasta, breads, cereals, candies and sugary drinks … you will at times feel like an ‘outcast’ an outlier. It’s nice to know you are not alone in this world.


In a world where eating fake foods loaded with ingredients that cause us harm, is considered ‘normal’… it’s nice to have ‘abnormal’ friends. I have written several posts about situations where I was called and thought to be ‘crazy’.  “It’s a Crazy World” and “Are You Ok?“. Being called or being thought to be crazy… isn’t a new experience for me. :)


Diabetes and Disease is Serious Business



I take diabetes care, health and fitness very seriously… but I don’t take myself seriously. I like to poke fun at myself … and others.

I run and play barefoot (and shirtless) on grass in parks and on pavement in urban areas …  for the most part, I don’t worry about what others think.

The picture captures that to me.  If grown ups are able to act ‘crazy’ in public, that’s a good sign.   We should not feel constrained by the opinions of others.


What is the Mental Disorder?

“Finding friends with the same mental disorder… priceless!”

I suffer from many mental disorders… number one is the requirement to QUESTION EVERYTHING!

Take nothing for granted and test test test to find what works for YOU! You can learn much with an inexpensive blood sugar meter from Walmart, Walgreens etc.

In this post, “It’s a Crazy World Man” I talk about watching a sunrise over a lake and a couple of gentlemen talking about me like I was a ‘crazy man’ … when I was simply barefoot and shirtless, standing out in the lake enjoying the best vantage point for the sunrise.

If you go against conventional wisdom sooner or later someone will think you are CRAZY! … get used to it. I did.

And when it happens, it’s great to have FRIENDS!!!! … with the same Mental Disorder who can relate. :)


To prove that I was not … ‘shy’.  I posted my picture as a Facebook profile picture.


Then… this gentleman posted his picture in support of mine!  Then a few others have followed… showing that they TOO have mental disorders… LIKE ME!!! :)


Then this lady….


Then this one… :)

And this ….


And this … 1604930_668598013183304_2124614432_n

                                                                       And this gentleman!


A late edition… in the ‘better late than never’ category…  my dear friend…


Then this gentleman… Ade actually re-posted this today 1/23/15 as a reminder of ‘one year ago’. :)


It was AWESOME!!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared their pictures as well…  MUAH! :)



I urge you, I plead with you to … QUESTION EVERYTHING!  And if you do, you will find that so much conventional wisdom is not wisdom at all.   It’s ‘false facts’ created to increase profits of large corporations and usually to the detriment of ‘the people’.

When you discover ‘false facts’ you must make a decision… do you act as sheeple and ‘go with the crowd’?

Or do you stand up, stand out … and take a stand?

I think you know what I did…. :)

Peace and happiness to all and thanks again to all those that shared their ‘crazy pic’ with me. :)


Note: IF YOU want to be included on this post… send me your picture!


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