Intense Exercise, Blood Sugar and Resistant Starch

My results with resistant starch has been nothing short of amazing. To confirm earlier results, I decided to again test intense exercise,  blood sugar and resistant starch.

  • Resistant starch muted blood sugar spikes from foods
  • Resistant starch has muted intense exercise spikesl


If you do not know about resistant starch (potato starch), please read these two posts.  “Diabetes and Resistant Starch Experiment” and also this post, “ Resistant Starch and Diabetes Q&A“.



After having much success with potato starch including a previous resistant starch experiment with Intense Exercise. I decided to go at it again to retest my previous experiment.


Exercise and Blood Sugar

If I go for a walk, it typically reduces my blood sugar.

If I leisurely lift weights or perform weight resistance I usually receive a slight bump. The more intense a workout, generally the larger the blood sugar spike. Overall,  intense exercise and weight resistance is a major benefit to diabetics (to all) for a variety of reasons.

When I work out intensely, I typically have a blood sugar spike. It’s not unusual for me to receive a 40-60 point pop. I don’t like it, but for me it’s not damning because I usually start out in 70’s to 80’s mg’dl range.  Too the blood sugar rise is FAST and it usually goes down as fast.


Add Resistant Starch to the Equation

At 10:30 AM I tested my blood sugar.   BAM! … 61 mg/dl, Most ‘experts’ will tell you that 70 – 100 mg/dl is normal range. Below 70 is considered ‘hypoglyemic’.  I personally love to be in the 60’s and 70’s.

Prior to my current resistant starch experiment,  I was typically in the 70’s  and 80’s mg/dl overnight fasting blood sugar, now… I am LOVING this lower range. The key point for most other diabetics since most do not maintain truly normal blood sugars,  your improvement in blood sugars could be much better than mine

I tested my blood sugar and boom!!  A 61 mg/dl. I loved it!.

61 130

Next, I ate (2) Tablespoons of potato starch.

For the next 50 minutes  I did 300 55 lb Kettle Bell Swings.  I injured my shoulder in September 2013 and I am still rehabbing and getting back to the fitness level I was back then.  Make no mistake, this was strenuous and intense for me.

Below is my 30 minute post work out reading … once again I was shocked.   It’s nothing for me to be up 20 to 30 even 50 points  30 minutes post-intense exercise.

66 1230

Next is my one hour post workout blood sugar reading … 74!!! Are you kidding me???

But this is ‘only’ the one hour mark.  What will the 2hr post workout number be??? … I wonder… :)

74 12

WOOO HOOOO!!!  … would you just look at the 2 hr post workout number????

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!! … and I am a formerly drug AND insulin dependent diabetic. Who is now drug and insulin FREE!!!

61 1030


I am SO EXCITED!!!     To start mid morning with a 61 … only rise to 74 and then finish up with a 61 mg/dl two hours later!!

How could I NOT be excited! … and so should you.

I’ve been taking (4) tablespoons of potato starch every day since 11/22/13.  There was one day when I didn’t, I did a test with a potato…. I figured I had enough from the potato, I wrote a post about the “Big Ole Potato Test“.

Every single test of potato starch that I’ve done has been successful.

I am about to gear back up for more tests too… so stay tuned.

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately … having seen my results, if you are not using potato starch… why not?

If for no other reason, try it for it’s prebiotic properties, you can find it most places for less than $5 per lb.


Lastly, thanks again to Richard Nikoley at for introducing me (and thousands more) to the benefits of Potato Starch/Resistant Starch.


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