Resistant Starch And Diabetes: Q & A

I am half way through the Resistant Starch Diabetes Experiment.  I wanted to give an update, clarify a few things and to answer a few questions.

  • resistant starch is an indigestible fiber.
  • resistant starch reportedly has many diabetes benefits.


Do not be like one woman I know. She made the statement, “Resistant Starch does not work well for me.” When asked if she had ever tried it, she replied, “No”.



See the picture?  DO NOT be like Robin. Do NOT dismiss ‘resistant starch’ because of the word ‘starch’, it should be called ‘resistant fiber’.  If you do not know what Resistant Starch is, read this Intro Post first… please. :)  This is the kind of ignorance we fought when going ‘low carb paleo’. THINK ABOUT THAT!


Shining Light on Resistant Starch

Starting in Sept 2013 I began a 30 Day Recording of my Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose levels, this was before Resistant Starch.   My range for the month was 71 – 91 mg/dl, with an average of 80.87 mg/dl.   I am and was ELATED with those numbers!!

I was not only surviving … I was THRIVING on this low carb paleo meal plan.

I have NO REASON TO CHANGE.  I love the way I eat, I love the way I feel … I love the way I LIVE!!


I obtain my resistant starch from Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch.


Why the Resistant Starch Experiment?

If you claim to be interested in health, if you claim to care about people, if you claim to be THE  ‘diabetes warrior’ … how could I  not experiment?

If you read the Intro post you should know the potential benefits that apply to everyone especially diabetics. The two main benefits are…

    • Improved Insulin Resistance
    • Improved Glucose Processing


These two benefits, if true… APPLY TO ALL DIABETICS!  Most diabetics struggle with this mightily, how could I not EXPERIMENT?


Resistant Starch Diabetes Q and A

This next section will answer questions I often receive.

But why do a resistant starch experiment if you are thriving?

Through my website and social media I have come to know MANY diabetics who are struggling to maintain normal blood sugars and some are ‘out of control’.

I have good friends who are ‘low carb paleo’ and are struggling.  Of course I will experiment if I thought I could help them…. who would not?

I am doing this to satisfy my own curiosity but also, I do occasionally eat berries and on rare occasions fruits.  Too, when I exercise intensely sometimes my blood sugar levels will rise into the 130-140 mg/dl ranges… if potato starch can help me in those circumstances… I would benefit from it.

If one person could wean off of drugs or insulin … this experiment would be WORTH IT!


What do you hope to achieve with the resistant starch experiment?

World Domination!!  I’ve bought Potato Starch future contracts and …  I’m joking. :)

I hope to prove or disprove the reported benefits.  If it helps me I want to shout the NEWS from the mountain tops!  … in hopes that it helps others.

If it reduces the drug and insulin requirements of others it’s a WIN!!!


You aren’t taking Potato Starch so you can eat junk are you?

My response:  … HELL NO!  :)

I understand why the question was asked.  MILLIONS take diabetes drugs to mask the symptoms of disease, just so they can eat breads, cakes, cookies, pasta and cereals…  that’s a fact.

I’m not doing this experiment so that I might be able to eat a cookie… or a cake…  NEVER!!!   I’ve eaten my last piece of bread, I’ve eaten my last donut… period. :)

 I’ve paid TOO much money to those that profit from the pain and suffering of this planet and it’s people.  I will not ever purposely contribute to the bank accounts of Big Food, Big Pharma nor the Medical Industry.


What if someone does start back eating junk food. 

That’s on them, people must take responsibility for their own actions.


Diabetes Resistant Starch Results

For me the results are no longer ‘early’ I will flat out state  …  Resistant Starch has improved my blood sugars, click the links below for the full posts.

I mention ‘early results’ because I’m far from finished. I’ll continue to experiment with highER carb foods, exercise, etc.


Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch

Update Note:

I started using (4) tablespoons of raw potato starch on day one. My body handled it well, except increased flatulence.

Many decide to start out using much smaller amounts. I’ve seen some using as little as 1/4 teaspoon per day, doubling every day or so until they reach the (4) tablespoon per day amount.


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