2013 Summary, Goals for 2014

shutterstock_156650258Below are the top pages and top posts for all of 2013.

This year… as every year, had more page views and unique visitors than the previous year.

I owe so many so much for helping to make this happen … and big heart felt THANKS!

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas.

Thanks to everyone who shared my posts.

AND THANKS to everyone who said, ‘THANKS!’ … it means more than you know.


2014 Goals

To continue to spread the message that there is a ‘better way’ to treat diabetes than the ‘carb up shoot up’ diabetes treatment that is pushed by the American Diabetes Ass.

This applies to much more than diabetes, and includes all of the ‘disease protocol groups’, not just the ADA.

My ultimate goal is to force the disease protocol groups like the ADA, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, etc to change their dietary and nutritional guidelines.

I do believe it will happen eventually… millions suffer needlessly every day this does not happen.  Meanwhile Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry profit… every damn day.

I hope you will continue to support my efforts, and I will support yours as well.

Together… we can change the world!!  I do believe that.


Peace and happiness to all.



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