Day 7 – Resistant Starch and Diabetes

This is an update of my resistant starch and diabetes experiment.  Why experiment? Read these posts “Diabetes and Resistant Starch Intro” and “Resistant Starch Experiment Q&A“, but in brief.

  • Resistant starch has been shown in studies to help people manage their diabetes.
  • Resistant starch has been shown through anecdotes to help manage diabetes.


** Note: Resistant starch is a fiber.  A fiber that is resistant to digestion.  Naming it ‘resistant fiber’ would have eliminated much confusion… but we are here so let’s deal with it. :)

resistant starch and diabetes experiment
Fav Resistant Starch


Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch (pictured above) is my favorite resistant starch.  I have found it locally but for a long time Amazon was my only source. I included an Amazon link with the picture.


Resistant Starch and Diabetes Experiment

Potato Starch is a resistant starch, they are not ‘starches’ but fiber, fiber resistant to digestion.  Read the posts mentioned above if you are confused or don’t know about resistant starch.

I  continue to experiment with Resistant Starch. Part of the ‘set up’ for the experiment was a recording of my Blood Sugar for 30 Days, pre-Resistant Starch.  I averaged a little over 80 mg/dl for the 30 day period.

Now begins the recording of 30 days since Resistant Starch (RS) and comparing the two. Keep in mind, before I began recording ‘with resistant starch’, I had already been taking (4) TBS of RS for 28 days.   It’s generally recommended to take it for 2-4 weeks, I played it safe by waiting 4 weeks.


My Results Through Day 7

The Blue Line in the picture below,  is the overnight fasting blood sugar number before Resistant Starch.

The Red Line is the overnight fasting blood sugar number with Resistant Starch.

As you can see the chart favors the first 7 days of Resistant Starch … so far. :)

a)  Out of 7 days, the RS numbers were lower except for two days.  One was a tie and one was higher.

b) Notice the ‘flatter’ chart of the RS line, all the numbers are between 70-80.  My body seems to really like this range.

c) Day 5,  I actually had a 74 mg/dl reading … that’s the DAY AFTER a “Big Ole Potato Test“, where I shaved off 100 pts after eating a large potato.



Day 7 of resistant starch and diabetes experiment
Through Day 7 – Resistant Starch Experiment


Below is a look at the raw numbers.   (Note: You can view the actual spreadsheet anytime. (Click Here)

resistant starch and diabetes


Seven Days in a ROW!!!! … of sub 80 mg/dl.   I can dig it!

And almost a 4 pt difference per day … it’s early, but the heat is ON! ;)

If you are new to Resistant Starch here are a few resources.

My Intro Post

A Tag for all Resistant Starch posts on this site.

Resistant Starch Primer from Richard Nikoley and Free The


That’s it!  I’ll continue posting BG for next 23 days and I’ll continue to do experiments with highER carb foods.



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8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Resistant Starch and Diabetes”

  1. The standard deviation of the post-RS numbers is less than half of the pre-RS, although on a small sample so far. This points to much tighter control.

    Do you have the pre-RS data available online, an can you clarify that you did 30 days pre-RS then 28 days on RS before starting to record the post-RS values ?

    1. re: Pre-RS data online – the data should be viewable on the link I provided in the post.

      “Below is a look at the raw numbers. (Note: You can view the actual spreadsheet anytime. (Click Here)”

      There are 3 ‘sheets’ on this file, if you can’t view them, let me know please. Thanks for asking.

      And to confirm:
      I did 30 days of testing pre-RS.
      I did RS (4) TBS per day for 28 days before I began testing and recording “Post RS Values”.

      Thanks again for the interest. Anything else I can do… let me know. I did record an 82 this AM.

  2. how about your ketone levels ? was it higher than usual since your FBG is know lower than before RS ?

    1. Hello and great question. Once upon a time I measured ketones, but I no longer do so.

      Every time I tested it was either trace or small … and I never cheat unless you call experimenting with a potato once a year cheating. :)

      I do occasionally drink wine, more rare is hard cider, white liquor or beer.

      Richard Nikoley has posted an article on showing that Resistant Starch (Potato Starch) does not affect ketosis.



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