When I began this journey the medical industry claimed diabetes was a debilitating disease with deteriorating health and increasing pain and suffering. Once again… they were wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way

11 Year Diabetes Check Up

My personal daily goal: Obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars. Note:  I am content to eat, play and LIVE as I do today… for the rest of my life.   But I LOVE to experiment!  And if I can help others find a means to improve their insulin sensitivity and […]

Very Low Fat Diabetes Experiment: Phase 1

Have you heard of, "24 hours of Le Mans!?" ... this is nothing like that. LOL! :) This post will be pictures of blood sugars, activities and foods for one day. I'm going to try to take blood sugar readings every hour or two once the day begins. Hopefully it will be more helpful and inspirational than the race. Purpose: To educate, motivate ... and perhaps entertain. :) Note: At the end of this post is a Google Doc that is embedded in the sheet. Just 'refresh' the page to see 'real time' results. Isn't this exciting!!! :)

24 Hours of Le Steve

Ten years ago I was an obese, miserable, chronically sick ... Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry Cash Cow. Today ... I am in great health, normal weight, normal blood pressure and I am successfully managing my diabetes! TODAY I THRIVE!!! ... and not just survive.

Diabetes Eve

Luckily I did not listen to those that profit from the pain and suffering of diabetics ... After 5 years... I love how I eat, I love how I play... I LOVE HOW I LIVE!!! ...and I'm never going back!!

Happy 5 year Diabetes Anniversary!!! WooT

Below are the top pages and top posts for all of 2013. This year… as every year, had more page views and unique visitors than the previous year. I owe so many so much for helping to make this happen … and big heart felt THANKS! Thanks to everyone who […]

2013 Summary, Goals for 2014

I have not posted a blog post this MONTH!!!    What is UP with that???    No matter what you may be thinking… it’s NOT a direct result of the “Investigation“.    The investigation is a distraction no doubt… but it has in NO WAY quieted my tongue… or tempered […]

Primal Steve Update! 2-12-12

Jan 3, 2012 Update Brendan Williams (my nephew) will be undergoing a  kidney transplant today in Chapel Hill, NC. My Sister-In-Law Terry Westbrook will be donating a kidney as well today. Thoughts and prayers are welcome. Update: On every level this event was a success and though I played a […]

Update: Eastern NC Benefit for Brendan Williams

I imagine it's like that for millions of other diabetics who are still addicted to sugar and carbs, all it takes is a one 3rd party verification ... a doctor, etc. Diabetes lesson learned.

Diabetes Lesson: Sweet Tea and Steve

This week marks the two year anniversary of my Diabetes Diagnosis and my decision to do every thing I could to fight the disease.  I am often asked ‘why did you decide to fight it’? … why did I decide to become a Diabetes Warrior?  Why not be an ADA […]

Why I fight diabetes – Two Year Anniversary