24 Hours of Le Steve

Have you heard of, “24 hours of Le Mans!?” … this is nothing like that. LOL!  This post will be about blood sugars, activities (workouts) and foods for one day.  I’m going to try to take blood sugar readings every hour or two once the day begins.   Hopefully it will be more helpful and inspirational than the race.

  • Blood Sugar Readings for 24 hours (except for sleep)
  • Foods and exercises for the day


Let me thank TotalDiabetesSupply.com. I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies) .  They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally.

2015-10-02 08.18.17


If you do not have TRULY normal blood sugars sub 100 mg/dl fasting, my hope is you will learn from my example and the posts on this blog. More in depth information on truly normal blood sugars, “My Targets And Why“.


24 Hours of Le Steve

lol, yeah I laugh when I read that.

Woke up, crawled out of bed and had an overnight fasting BG of 86 mg/dl  ( 4.7 mmol/l).

Note: 86 is higher than I prefer but I will ‘accept’ anything below 90 mg/dl (5.0 mmol/l).
If my fasting blood sugars are above 90, I take corrective action… which means I reduce  protein, increase fats and also make sure I eat my last protein earlier in the evening. 2015-10-02 08.19.32

My preferred fasting blood sugars are upper 60’s to low 70’s.  From there I know I’ll be ok if my blood sugars bump up from exercise or a meal. Here again are my blood sugar targets and why I chose them, “My Targets And Why“.

Two hours later, after drinking several cups of coffee and two TBSP of coconut oil an 88 mg/dl (4.8 mmol.l).

Note:  88 is a ‘tie’ with the earlier reading given the variances of meters.

I’ll discuss the rest of my blood sugar readings below.


Spreadsheet of My Day

Below is a summary via a google doc spreadsheet.


Now let’s look at the data on a chart and discuss.

chart 3


All was great until intense exercise, I’ve stated this repeatedly but intense exercise can (and probably will) spike your blood sugars.  Here is a blog post dedicated to this topic, “Intense Exercise & Diabetes“.

A – By noon my blood sugar was spiking, as expected due to the intense ‘maximum’ push ups.  116 mg/dl likely was NOT the high, but one never knows without a continuous glucose monitor.

B – Blood sugar remained at 116 at 12:43.

With intense exercise my blood sugar typically spikes quickly and falls almost as quickly. This was not the case this time, most likely due to my eating a high protein, high fat lunch (1.25 lbs of pork) almost immediately after intense exercise.

C – After rising to 121 at 1:13 post meal, it began it’s expected decline and had sunk to 100 mg/dl at 2:10 pm.  That’s when I began my 2nd intense workout of the day.

D – After rising to only 109 , approximately 30 minutes after my workout, at 3:36 my blood sugars had fallen back to below 100 and continued to decline as the day went on reaching 77 mg/dl before bouncing back to 80 mg/dl. while drinking 1 1/2 glasses of wine.

E – I went to bed and forgot to test again but woke up at 4:37 am to 75 mg/dl, my last blood sugar test during the 24 hours was the 82 mg/dl when I woke up for the day.


Wrap Up

This twenty-four hour period was UNUSUAL for me.

The two intense workouts in the day is unusual for sure.  If I do two workouts in a day, typically the 2nd will be non-intense.

Often during intense workouts I will spike 30 to 40 points, as I did with the first workout of the day.  The somewhat muted response with the 2nd workout is likely due to glycogen stores being depleted in the first workout.

I will definitely re-test this. :)

Even with the multiple intense workouts.
Even with an otherwise very stressful day (due to personal reasons)
Even after eating 1.25 lbs of meat for lunch (my only meal of the day)

… my blood sugar still only stayed outside of my comfort range (100 mg/dl) for about 3.5 hours, from noon to 3:30 PM.

I continue to THRIVE!!!  On a low carb, paleo-style meal plan and lifestyle.

Won’t you join me? :)