Diabetes Eve

I’ve updated this post from the original post. ELEVEN years ago today was ‘diabetes diagnosis eve‘ for me.

  • February 14, 2009 was the day before being rushed to the hospital via ambulance.
  • On that day, I was an obese, sickly, pathetic Medical Industry, Big Pharma and Big Food ‘cash cow’ … on a downward health spiral.

After three nights in the Intensive Care Unit I exited the hospital an obese drug and insulin dependent diabetic.  I was told I would be on drugs and insulin the rest of my life.

Had a listened to the dietary advice provided by the medical industry… if I were still living, I’m sure I would still be a drug and insulin dependent diabetic.

However since 2009,  thanks in large part to my lifestyle including my diabetes diet and exercise, I have been successfully managing my diabetes, without the need for medical industry drugs or services.

Successfully managing my diabetes
Foods to help me manage my diabetes.

On diabetes eve, I was extremely lethargic,  laying on the couch, coughing, wheezing, sucking down Gatorade. To say I felt miserable would be an understatement.

My Condition on Diabetes Eve

Gatorade and sodas were the only thing I could drink. Water tasted strange to me, and seemed to make my lips and mouth swollen (they were not).  I had great difficulty swallowing water and I actually thought it was contributing to my condition.  I was told to keep hydrated by drinking anything I could, including sweet sugary drinks. I continued to drink these sugary substances. I would learn later that this harmful advice was causing me to slip dangerously close to a diabetic coma.

As it would turn out, Gatorade and sweet drinks were the LAST thing I needed. The medical industry advice to drink sweet drinks certainly added to my dire condition and almost killed.

I was suffering from extreme lethargy, getting up off the couch was becoming too much for me.  I was urinating frequently now and doing so was very tiring. I had to have my wife bring me more Gatorade and Sprite.

Breathing was becoming more difficult and at times I could not ‘catch my breath’, causing me to hyperventilate. With each of these ‘gasping’ episodes, the thought crossed my mind that my next breath may be my last; that perhaps next time I would not be able to ‘catch my breath’.

Sadly, I was ok with that outcome, I was ‘that’ sick. I was ready to put an end to the misery.

My Plan on Diabetes Eve

The depth of the misery can not be overstated.  I was obese, sickly, extremely lethargic …  totally and completely miserable.  I remember thinking, “I’d rather die than live like this”.

For years my health had decreased. The last year and especially the last three months had been horrible. I missed the last week of work in 2008 due to the same respiratory sickness, and never fully recovered from the illness. My health had gradually worsened.

On the night of the 14th I told my wife,

“you will have to take me to Urgent Care in the morning and if they can’t help me, take me to the hospital. I am tired of living like this.”

My plan on diabetes eve? Survive the night and go to Urgent Care.

I did go to Urgent Care and was placed in a wheelchair upon arrival because I could not stand or walk on my own.

I didn’t have to worry about driving to the hospital.  The doctor’s office took a few readings including my blood sugar and rushed me to the hospital via ambulance.

My blood sugar was 740 mg/dl and my A1C was too high to read. I didn’t know it at the time but I was coming close to going into a diabetic coma and suffering from ketoacidosis (DKA).

While in the hospital I was given harmful advice on how to manage diabetes, thank goodness I did not listen to them.  I’d still be on drugs and insulin, but that’s another story for another time.

Managing Diabetes Today

I woke up today, drank several cups of black coffee and placed a fatty rib roast in the oven to be slow roasted for dinner.

I am so ALIVE! I truly do THRIVE! …  and not ‘just’ survive.

The picture below is a common workout for me, elevated KB squats.  These days I split my workout between the gym ‘lifting heavy things’ and my outdoor workouts.

Successfully managing diabetes includes exercise
Exercise helps managing diabetes.

Diabetes Eve Celebration

Eleven years ago I was an obese, miserable, chronically sick … Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry Cash Cow.

Today … I am in great health, normal weight, normal blood pressure and I am successfully managing my diabetes!

Here is a post showing the labels of drugs I was taking. 

I was so miserably sick and had been for so long… I had actually given up on living. As I sit here today, eleven years later, that seems inconceivable to me.

My Hope?

My fasting blood sugar goals are 70’s and 80’s mg/dl. If you think that is too low… you are probably heeding the advice of your medical industry professional. Here’s a post on my targets and why I chose them, “Blood Sugar Targets and Why“.

If you have elevated fasting blood sugars, over 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol) my hope is you will see the changes in my health and fitness and take a chance.

Take a chance and throw away the high carb, grain based diabetes meal plan and follow my example.

Start following the meal plan I’ve been eating for the last 11 years, “A Meal Plan You Can Live With“.

I love the way I eat.
I love the way I PLAY!
I love the way I LIVE!!!

Luckily for me,  my lifestyle is exactly what I need to manage diabetes. Please give my low carb paleo meal plan a try, it could save your life.

I went from the pathetic Steve to the Thriving Steve … in less than 4 months.

I’ve been eating, playing and living this way since August 2009 and I am never going back!

It worked for me… and it can work for you too.

Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

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