High Carb Era Dead? Because Joslin says so…

Did you hear?   The high carb era … is DEAD!!!   Woo HOO!!

How do we know this??    … well… because Dr. Hamdy a researcher for Joslin Diabetes Center said so…

Never mind that Hamdy and two other top Joslin researchers have personally received almost $300,000 from Big Pharma.   Here’s a quote from this post, “Enough is Enough“.


“Three in the top management within the Research department received  $293,328 from Big Pharma.

Osama Hamdy, C Ronald Kahn and George L King.”

Never mind that Joslin promotes a meal plan of a 30% Carbohydrates… and more to diabetics.

Forget all that factual stuff….  Hamdy said that the ‘High Carb Era” is over!

So let’s all be happy, celebrate and … forget that 100’s of millions of diabetics worldwide are still being ‘fed’ a high carb, grain based diet.

Here is my first post on the subject, but in brief Joslin is claiming that ‘high carb era of diabetes care is over’.

I have been biting my tongue over this and my tongue was getting sore so I decided to speak out … again.

We will get back to Dr. Hamdy and his declaration in a moment but first…


A Little Background

No nutritionist, no dietitian, no doctor and no diabetes educator admits to promoting a high carb meal plan.

None admit that.  They all believe or at least say they are low carb or moderate carb.  I’ve had people who promote the ADA’s high carb meal plan look me in the eye and claim they are low carb!

The point being low carb is a relative term … until you talk specifics, the word is almost meaningless.

“Low Carb Experts” should know this… if you ever look at a low-carb study, the first thing you look at is the amount of carbohydrates… because low-carb can mean many things.

To Joslin, low carb means 30% of calories from carbohydrates and more… apparently.

I will join the party and celebration with balloons and party favors when diabetics are no longer fed a high carb, grain based, glutenous meal plan.


Let’s Look at the Hamdy Document …


The Hamdy Document as it is called stated,

“It is clear that we made a major mistake in recommending the increase of carbohydrates load to >40 % of the total caloric intake. This era should come to an end if we seriously want to reduce the obesity and diabetes epidemics.”

All he has stated is that 40% carbs OR MORE is wrong.

… that’s it.  That’s all the document said about amounts.

Because of that statement and because he stated it in the title… ‘the end of the high carb era’.

Low carb gurus are running around proclaiming the end of the high carb diet for diabetics.

That’s a deception that needs to end.

He said NOTHING about his company’s 30% or more policy.

Hamdy goes on to play the blame game…  blaming the McGovern Commission for raising carbohydrate standards and then blamed the American Diabetes Association for raising the carbohydrate standards for diabetics.

There is plenty of blame to go around … no doubt both the government and the American Diabetes Association should shoulder much of the blame.

However, Joslin Diabetes Center is the self proclaimed ‘preeminent diabetes research center in the world’.

They should base their carbohydrate recommendations on their own research… instead of pointing fingers at the ADA and the government.

He, Hamdy totally ignored the fact that the preeminent diabetes center in the world ALSO promotes a high carb meal plan for diabetics … 30+%.  Therefore I can only assume he does not consider that level  ‘high carb’… he is mistaken.


Until Recommendations for Diabetics Change


Until the recommendations that Joslin recommends for diabetics change… Hamdy’s “High Carb Era is Dead” document is a big lie.  Or should I say is just another lie.

Oh and by the way, the Hamdy Document was originally shared in the Fall of 2014!!    Not in February 2015.  Click here for the article.   Point Being … Hamdy’s article was published MONTHS ago.

Here is something Joslin promoted just last week… grains of course. My friend Barbara Anello posted this on twitter … thank you! :)

joslin grains a


Here’s the article the ‘tweet’ points to…  “Wholegrains are worth the trouble“…

Obviously Joslin is still a grain pimping, high carb advocate… NOTHING has changed.

Millions of diabetics suffer every day … while a relative few profit and that includes Hamdy and Joslin.


Fact: The Hamdy document only stated that 40% or more from carbohydrates was wrong. It said nothing about a proper recommendation for carbohydrates.

Fact: The actual document was published months ago and Joslin has not changed it’s recommendations.

Fact: Diabetics are still being told to eat a high carb, grain based meal plan.

High Carb still LIVES.

We must keep the pressure on high carb groups to do the right thing.

Celebrating falsely gives them ‘cover’ to continue.

Keep the boot on the neck of the American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Diabetes Educators and Joslin.  Give no quarter and take none.

Please DO NOT say … “The Era of High Carb is Dead” … because it isn’t, it never was.