Joslin’s Hamdy, Devil in the Details

joslinI have bashed Joslin Diabetes Center repeatedly over the last five years.  They claim to be the ‘premier diabetes research’ center… and yet they promoted a high carb, grain based meal plan for diabetics.

This is my most recent post… “Enough is Enough“, I talked about the payments received by Joslin’s top researchers… including Osama Hamdy the subject of this post.

Given their history I was STUNNED … pleasantly STUNNED to read the news today posted by Julie Wilson.

You can read the pdf, “Click Here”. You may want to save it … in case it is taken down later…

First quote…. a beauty. :)   Keep in mind, this is from a LOW FAT, HIGH CARB GRAIN PROMOTER!!!  Who has received thousands of dollars… from Big Pharma.

Since 2003, many clinical trials confirmed that reducing carbohydrates was superior to reducing fat in decreasing body weight and in improving glycemic control.10–12 It was later shown that reducing carbohydrates for patients with diabetes improves insulin sensitivity, reduces visceral fat and triglycerides, and increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol.13

More recently, a meta-analysis showed that reducing carbohydrates load and glycemic index was associated with a reduced risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

boom! Boom! BOOM!!!

There is still that pesky thing … called details.  The devil is in the details.  By that I mean… what is ‘low carb’ to one of Joslin’s top researchers?


It is clear that we made a major mistake in recommending the increase of carbohydrates load to >40 % of the total caloric intake. This era should come to an end if we seriously want to reduce the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Here he admits that 40% carb intake is too high… but what about the 30% Joslin recommends?  That is STILL WAY TOO HIGH (I’m around 2-3%).    He does not give further guidance.

This article, while it does seem to signal a change, may be much about nothing if Joslin continues to support 30% of calories from carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, many physicians and dietitians across the nation are still recommending high carbohydrates intake for patients with diabetes, a recommendation that may harm their patients more than benefit them.

This doesn’t look good.  His own organization already promotes 30% carbohydrate consumption…and IS HARMING MILLIONS with that advice.  Will Joslin reduce their recommendations?   Or is 30% ok in their minds?


Devil In the Details

When I first read this I was excited!!!   When I first read the words… it sounded promising!

However, when I re-read the text… this may NOT signal a change for Joslin.

Note: It did seem to me as if Hamdy was blaming the government and the ADA for the high carb guidelines.

After he talks about the McGovern commission raising the carbohydrate recommendations he has the audacity to say…

Thus, it was absurd that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) also agreed, at that time, to recommend increasing carbohydrates intake for patients with diabetes.

The pot calling the kettle black in my opinion.

You would think the ‘premier diabetes research center’ could come up with it’s own conclusions and it’s own dietary guidelines independent of outside opinions.

But perhaps I expect too much from researchers who receive thousands of dollars from Big Pharma.

I hope this does signal a change in the carbohydrate recommendations by Joslin… but it’s too early to tell. I will not be holding my breath…

The devil is in the details… and that’s often influenced by money.