Four Minute Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly

I love eggs! A typical week for me is one to two dozen eggs.

  • Eggs are truly a nutritional super food!
  • Eggs contains beneficial fats and proteins!


Despite what you may have heard from your Medical Industry Professional, our bodies require dietary cholesterol, if this is ‘news’… read this post. “Fats and Cholesterol“.

Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly
Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly


This post will show my favorite way to prepare eggs.  Eggs are so versatile fried, boiled, scrambled, etc. But my favorite?  Four minute eggs.


Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly

Which reminds me of this quick story… after my diabetes diagnosis  I ate 4-6 eggs a day.  About a month after my diabetes diagnosis, after I had weaned off drugs and insulin (with normal blood sugars) my doctor suggested that I visit an endocrinologist.  Not that I might learn something from them… but that maybe they could learn from me.

I met with a young endo and she was astonished at my results… and when I told her that I ate eggs every day … she advised me to only eat one to two eggs a week.

1 – They had no interest is learning from me. A lesson that would play out over and over through the years.

2 – I never went back to an endocrinologist and I only went back to my general practitioner a couple of times after this and these were only for diabetes follow ups, back in 2009. :)

On with the FOOD! :)


Four Minute Eggs

My friend Scott Jerzyk introduced me to this way of cooking eggs.

I love and eat eggs cooked in many different ways.  Fried, boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached, egg drop soup… and of course, raw. :)   …. I have a new favorite way of preparing them.

Four Minute Eggs are creamy deliciousness… here’s how I do it

Step One – Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. I always set the burner on high.

Step Two – Using a ladle or largest spoon, I try to place the eggs into the pot gently but quickly.  You don’t want to crack the egg if you can avoid it.

Step Three – Once the water begins to boil again, I start my timer … 4 minutes. :)  I also cut the burner down to medium.

Step Four – I prepare my plate, usually with an edible wild garnish. :)  Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly

Step Five –  When the alarm sounds I quickly remove the pot from the burner, drain out the hot water and run cool water over the eggs. I’ll replace the water a few times and then let it sit for a few minutes.

Step Six – When the eggs are cool to the touch I break the shells carefully.  I start tapping at both ends and then crack the shell in the middle. I begin removing the shell, peeling it as if it were an apple.

Some who are egg peeling challenged use an egg holder and  … I do not. :)

Obviously it doesn’t always workout and some times the eggs ‘break up’ … HOWEVER this does NOT affect the taste. :)

Today I was six for six. All six eggs were peeled without breaking the yolk.  One egg’s white or albumen cracked but the yolk remained intact.


Edible Garnish

I have foraged wild greens for years… up until this past year it was a few here or there.  However for almost a year, most of my vegetables have been wild, foraged greens.  A quick recounting … Wisteria blossoms, dandelion, broad leaf plantain, henbit, ground-ivy and dead nettles. Here is a post about what, how and why, “Dandelions”. It applies to all foraged, wild greens. :)

The edible garnish this morning was picked the previous day, rinsed several times and soaked overnight.



Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly


Finished Product

Creamy yolks with soft albumen or whites.

I only cut these in half for ‘presentation’, luckily mother nature made these ‘bite sized’.  :)

As you can see I add salt (sea salt or Himalayan) and pepper … liberally.


Eggs Are Diabetic Friendly



This is how I make purrrrrfect 4-minute eggasm.  Enjoy!  :)