Diabetes Day in the life

I have so much GOOD STUFF to share!!!    This post is short and meaty. It’s a story of January 28’s blood sugars, activities and foods. And why I am doing what I do.

Unfortunately I have felt compelled to devote time to negative stories… thanks to the idiocy that is the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) .  By the way, calling them idiots is the nicest thing I can say about them. If they were intelligent and knowledgeable …then what they are doing would be purposely harming millions of people to satisfy their corporate donors.

Here are two recent posts about AADE leaders… Hope Warshaw and Deb Greenwood.


What I’m up to… current experiments.

1) Reduce the duration and intensity of my workouts. Here’s the post. 

2) Added fiber and probiotics daily. Here’s the post.

Here is a post on the early results of the combined experiments.

Day In The Life

Remember, I am a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic…

From January 28, 2015,  I woke up to a 72 mg/dl … I won’t complain. :)

Note: I am using the Freestyle Lite for fasting readings, I’m running low on strips so I want to save the Freestyle for the fasting numbers to compare with previous experiments.


I’m using the Accu=Chek Nano for all other testings.

By the way, a pretty picture of the following readings is at the end of this section. :)

78 mg/dl was my next blood sugar test.   Not unexpected given coconut oil and butter in my coffee were my only nutrients.

79 mg/dl  this was about one hour post lunch.  This was also my ‘pre-workout’ blood sugar reading.

Note: Because I am often interrupted due to a short attention span. I didn’t workout for over an hour.   :)

I didn’t actually test my blood sugar again until 30 minutes after my work out.

98 mg/dl  This is 30 minutes POST workout.  

Why is this significant?  I performed intense kettle bell swings, my goal is to stay below 100 mg/dl, apparently I did… or was close to it.  My blood sugars likely were higher than 100 mg/dl … but most likely not by much. :)

I measured after 30 minutes  because intense exercise spikes me like plain sugar or starch … quickly. My blood sugar also reduces or goes back to normal quickly too.

86 mg/dl  One hour post exercise. BOOM!!!   This is EXCELLENT NEWS!!! I was well back into normal ranges… after an HOUR!!!

88 mg/dl  This reading was one hour post dinner.  Both meals (lunch and dinner) were ground beef, a little onion for flavor and celery, all fried together in a skillet.

92 mg/dl Slightly elevated from the previous reading but given the variances inherent in all meter readings… it’s well with in range to call it a tie.


day in the life



In Closing

I do a lot of experimenting … and I will continue to do so for as long as I am breathing. :)   I am always looking for ways to reduce my blood sugars, not so much for me because I am usually normal.

I am looking for something that may help those who need drugs and/or insulin to maintain normal blood sugars.

Here is a post on my Blood Sugar Targets, and why. If your blood sugars are not sub 100 the vast majority of the time… including over night fasting, I urge you to experiment as well, starting with this meal plan, “Click Here“.

Since I began this latest round of testing in December I have not had a reading above 110 mg/dl. I’ve only had a few readings above 100 mg/dl.

This year, I have only had two overnight fasting readings above 80 mg/dl.  An 82 and 83 on 1/2 and 1/3.

Everything we do is an ‘experiment’ … start making your experiment… kick ASS!


I live very much like a non-diabetic …. obviously my type 1 diabetic friends will always require insulin injections.

I THRIVE and not ‘just’ survive.

JOIN ME!!! … won’t you? :)


If your blood sugars are elevated and you can not achieve my numbers…

READ MY BOOK!  “How to Reduce Blood Sugars”.


PS – Let me thank TotalDiabetesSupply.com. I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. . By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies) .  They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally. :)