Fiber and Diabetes

Diabetes and fiber, what’s the truth? Many studies promote the advantages of fiber in reducing blood sugars? I was persuaded of the possibilities enough to try another fiber experiment.

  • I’d experimented with resistant starch (a fiber), I saw the benefits
  • Many studies support the benefits of various fibers, are they valid?


I have experimented with just about every macro nutrient ratio mix, high fat, low-fat, high protein, low protein, high carb, low carb and all points in between. I eat a high fat, very low carb meal plan… because it works. :)2014-12-16 08.57.30


I consume approximately 9 grams of fiber per day on average, I am against eating foods for fiber, they contain too many carbohydrates. However, I have seen positive results using supplemented fiber with diabetes. I decided to experiment again.


Background: Fiber Diabetes Experiment

I did an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test back in 2012 (OGTT), in summary my blood sugar was in the 99 to 101 mg/dl range at the two-hour mark which is borderline non-diabetic range . However my blood sugar exceeded 200 mg/dl which shows I am still insulin resistant.

I have known for years of the benefits of bacteria both internal and external. We need to tend our inner and outer gardens, which I believe I do living a ‘low carb paleo‘ lifestyle.

I had amazing experiments with potato starch thanks to Richard Nikoley’s posts on  Here’s some of the more important experiments and posts I performed. Resistant Starch Introduction and Resistant Starch Q&A,  Exercise, Diabetes and Resistant Starch, 30 Day BG Test, Exercise, Potato Test, Resistant Starch and Type 1 Diabetes. 

NOTE: The real ‘resistant starch test’ was to see if it could improve my OGTT.

I took another OGTT in March of 2014 and I had almost the exact same results as the previous attempt in 2012.  After months of taking potato starch and after highER carb for two weeks this time to re-adapt to glucose, there was no improvement in my OGTT scores, and actually a slight increase, I was deflated. Therefore I discontinued taking resistant starch.


NEW FIBER Experiment

Grace Liu Pharm.D,  meant  much to me  in my early paleo years. She was another confirming voice when I decided to go ‘low carb paleo’.

Here is the subtitle of her site.

“The lessons science and pharmacology teach us about achieving optimal health, vitality and maximal lifespan with a low net carb, high saturated fat, evolutionarily paleolithic-styled diet aligned with my ancestral heritage …”

I do agree, except I would remove the ‘net’ from the ‘low net carb’ phrase. :)

As I began to do my experimentation I went higher fat and lower carb, while Grace stayed with a more moderate carb approach.

Note: Remember,  I know of the benefits of a healthy gut and gut bacteria.  I am not yet convinced what that is, I do not believe anyone does. I do believe that my gut is healthy… why?  I am healthy. I maintain normal blood sugars, I exercise intensely most days a week and I am rarely sick.


Why This Fiber and Diabetes Experiment

1)  I could be wrong and Grace could be right. I know… shocking isn’t it. :)

2) Even if my gut is healthy, that doesn’t mean it could not be improved upon.

Since I knew of a certain level of success with potato starch (a fiber). I decided to give this protocol a thorough testing for at least 30 days.


The Diabetes Fiber Experiment Protocol

For the (3) fibers below, as Dr. Liu suggested I started at 1 tsp and moved up to one tablespoon. The maximum should only be one teaspoon for the first month and increasing to two teaspoons the second month.

And for this next fiber, follow the instructions on the bottle.
Now Foods, Glucomannan, 100% Pure Powder, 8 oz (227 g)

For the  Probiotic, I am choosing to take Now Foods Probiotic-10 with 25 Billion Live Cultures.

Results Through Day 6


Blood Sugars are all I am really interested in. Ultimately I am hoping this will improve my OGTT. My fasting blood sugars are typically in the 70’s to 80’s with the occasonal 60’s on the low end and the occasional 90’s on the upper end.

Below are the most recent blood sugar readings as I begin this experiment, I have already posted day 6 in the upper right.


fiber diabetes experiment


Pretty serious blood sugar reductions… eh? :)


Fiber and Diabetes Wrap Up

My blood sugars have been trending lower while on the fiber experiment.  I’ve seen 60’s again for the first time since summer.

Is this due to the fibers? …or part of the previous trend down? I really believe the fiber is contributory. I’ve been in the 70’s and 80’s for awhile.  Then almost immediately after beginning the fibers I saw 60’s.

Before I make definitive statements… let’s see how the next month goes. :)

I want to thank Dr. Liu for persistently nudging me to do this experiment. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, it is something that I have wanted to do.

In the next update of the diabetes fiber experiment I will go into detail as to why each fiber was selected.

Peace Love and Normal BG to you all. :)


managing diabetes

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