Molten Glucose Fries …anyone?


This post is about a research paper investigating the using of molten glucose as a frying medium.

french fry color
Colors of potatoes prepared in various mediums. The green tinted color is glucose.

In my opinion the obesity and diabetes epidemics are largely being created by overly processed, high carb, low-fat,  grain based foods.  These foods often contain gluten, soy, sugar and fake fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils).

Nutritional decision makers who disagree with the above statement  are those who profit from the status quo.   People in the Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry, including doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and diabetes educators.

Note: Fried foods: the problem with fried foods are  ….

– the fake fats they are cooked in.

– the ‘base product’ if it is glutenous or high in carbs and…

– the chemicals used to preserve, color and flavor the products.

In my opinion the problem is NOT the fact the product is fried in fats but that the wrong type of fats are used. Additionally,  the additives before and after frying are not healthy as well.

Now… let’s look at the topic of today’s post, a research paper on using molten glucose as a frying medium ….

Molten Glucose Fries

My friend Tammy Thomas sent me a research paper “On the Possibility of Using Non-Fat Fryng Using Molten Glucose”.

YES!! you read that correctly … MOLTEN GLUCOSE!!!

The ‘research’  was performed by © 2014 Institute of Food Technologists®. (IFT)  I can’t find a listing of the companies who are members of this group, but I am sure it’s a ‘who’s who’ of big food conglomerates.  I sent IFT an email and a Twitter message attempting to find a member listing, no luck.

Let’s dig in to the paper, shall we?   The first quote…

“Fried products impose a health concerns due to considerable amount of oil they contain”

The article doesn’t waste time showing the bias of the researchers.

Fried products are unhealthy because they contain fake fat (or oils’); fried products are unhealthy because of the types of fats (oils) used…

The researchers could have thought about using ‘real fats’ to fry foods, a truly natural product but they did not due to their anti-fat bias and most likely due to those funding the research, Big Food.

The researchers instead chose to investigate using … molten glucose. I could not have made this up if I wanted to do so.

Who would EVEN think about using glucose as a frying medium??? … unless of course you produced glucose.

Next quote…

” Production of snack foods with minimal oil content and good management of oil during frying to minimize the production of toxic compounds continue to be challenging aims. “

The purpose of the research is to ‘minimize the production of toxic compounds’ …  Really??

How noble of you.

I’d suggest not producing the products period… if limiting the production of toxic compounds is your TRUE goal.

I love this next part …

The glucose content in glucose fries was roughly twice that of French fries, but the oil content is virtually eliminated, resulting in significantly lower calorie content.

UGH!!!  If you look at the actual data, the carbohydrate levels MORE THAN doubled but EVEN using their numbers …  this shows the ignorance and bias of the researchers and those funding the research.


This work demonstrates that a fat-free snack food can be produced by using nonfat frying medium with melting point close to normal deep fat frying temperatures.

… and oh by the way.  We’ll at least double the glucose / carbohydrate contents of the food.



Only researchers on the payroll for Big Food would conduct such research.

Only researchers on the payroll for Big Food would conclude that doubling glucose while reducing fat and calories is a positive result.

I eat fried foods practically every single day and have done so daily for almost six years.  I fry my foods in a black cast iron skillet using the meat’s own fat or adding butter, coconut oil or rendered animal fats.

Additionally, historical food journal comparisons of the past six years show that I have averaged 72% of my calories from fat, 26% of my calories from protein and ONLY 2% of my calories from carbohydrates.   By any measure I consume a high fat, very low carb meal plan.

In those same six years, I have weaned off of diabetes drugs and insulin… and I remain drug, insulin and medical industry service FREE!!

Do not be fooled.

Big Food is not looking out for you.
Big Food is concerned about profits, revenues and stockholder equity.

Do not be a fool…