Diabetes Experiments Update: Mr. 59 :)

I am really getting excited about my experiments!! 2015-01-12 07.49.15

Note: I am a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic.  Since March ’09 I have been drug and insulin free!  I am still diabetic, but I self-treat my diabetes with diet and exercise.

This post will discuss my active experiments which likely contributed to the 59!!! >>>>  :)

Normally I will only do one experiment at a time but when presented with an opportunity to try something new, it’s difficult to say ‘no’. :)


Current Experiments


1 – Change in Exercising

Instead of full-bore, highly intense exercise for 30-45-60 minutes or more… I changed gears.  Largely because of this post, “My Blood Sugar Targets and Why“. While I didn’t adjust my targets much, it caused me to focus on reducing the amount of time above 100 mg/dl.   When I exercise intensely it typically spikes my blood sugars… I decided to change things up to reduce the amount of spiking.  I talk about THAT experiment here, “Science and Exercise“,  In this post, “Another Experiment“, I show more results of this experiment.  :)

This experiment is still on-going and as an example, the other day I spent an hour at the park, walking the dog, running sprints, doing push ups, squats and jumps.  There were intense periods of exercise but they were mixed in with walking and foraging.


2 – Steve & Grace’s Adventure (Experiment)


I talk about this experiment in greater detail in this post, “Steve and Grace’s Excellent Adventure”  :) … but in brief I am consuming various fibers and a probiotic with the intent  to improve my gut health and hopefully to heal my insulin resistance.

As I noted in the original post to this experiment, I am primarily performing this experiment to improve my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) score… not because of any underlying health issues.  I am ‘fit as a fiddle’ and my blood sugars are in the non-diabetic normal ranges.  However, if I could improve my gut health and improve my insulin resistance… that would be AWESOME! :)

Additionally, I typically will workout while in a fasted state.  Grace Liu, PharmD suggested that I discontinue doing so.  I have never had an issue working out fasted, in fact I love it.  But for this experiment I did decide to heed her advice.


Early Results


I mention the above just to stress… nothing happens in a vacuum. There are always many factors and variables when it comes to blood sugars.

However… while both experiments may be contributory, I believe the fibers are of primary importance.

I do not maintain historical blood sugar numbers, unless I am experimenting. Therefore I can’t tell you how many times I have been sub-60 mg/dl but it’s not a shock to me when I am. :)

I would guess that I had upper 50’s to low 60’s about 10 times in 2014… but it’s just a guess. Top right is the first sub 60 for 2015 :)

My lowest recorded blood sugar was a 53 mg/dl after a 4 day coconut oil fast back in 2011. Click here for the Coconut Oil Fast Post. 

Note: I really prefer to be in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, so typically when I wake up in the 59-63 mg/dl range I’ll perform brief intense exercise to bump my blood sugar up a little.  On the 12th when I had the 59 (top right picture) I performed 210 air squats.  I never measured the rest of the day.

Some day I’ll do a coconut oil fast again, just to see how low I can go. I’ve said that for years… maybe after my current experiments are over.


Recent BG Pics



In my previous fiber experiments I tested my overnight fasting blood sugars for 30 days. Then, after taking Potato Starch for 30 days I tested my blood sugars for another 30 days.  I plan on doing the same thing this time.

Prior to Potato Starch:  Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars Averaged 81

With Potato Starch: Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars Averaged 77


Below you can see my recent low blood sugar readings. since I began taking the fibers and probiotics on 12/11/2014.

All of these have occurred in the last month. including the 59 top right. :)  I also had a 63, 66 and a couple of 69’s that I did not post.

Note: I wanted to take the fibers and probiotics recommended by Grace Liu, PharmD for 30 days before officially counting.

The experiment’s official blood sugar testing date is 1/10/2015.




Below are my last three overnight fasting Blood Sugars!!!   Damn, this traffic jam! :)

last three



More Phun Phacts

Since I began taking the fibers and probiotics on 12/11/2014 my overnight fasting blood sugars have averaged 75 mg/dl.

This calendar year my overnight fasting blood sugars have averaged 71.78.

Since the official testing began on 1/10/15 my overnight fasting blood sugars have averaged 70.6.

My only numbers above 80 this year were an 82 and 83 on the 2nd and 3rd of January. :) :)



Summing Up


Last summer I had a run of similar blood sugars… they were not quite this low, this often but this range of blood sugars is not unheard of for me.

Based on 5 days of official testing it’s too early to make a statement but … if this trend continues this experiment could have amazing results.
I am happy and excited with the low fasting blood sugars, but the key will come later when I do an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).  That’s when things could get VERY INTERESTING.

So far so good with these diabetes experiments …  I am anxious to see how this turns… especially the OGTT. :)


If your blood sugars are elevated and you can not achieve my numbers…

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PS – Let me thank TotalDiabetesSupply.com. I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. . By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies) .  They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally. :)