Another Experiment – Exercise And Diabetes

2014-12-01 13.15.00I love to work out fasted, barefoot and shirtless … whenever I can.

The picture top right was actually taken yesterday 12/1/2014 … it reached an unusually warm 74 degrees and I took advantage of it. :)

The ‘tiny’ looking kettlebell is 55 lbs. I did squats, swings, bent rows and 100 Push Ups as part of the 100 Push Ups a Day Challenge until 1/1//15.

Read this post… and JOIN ME in the challenge! Anyone can play… :) 

In addition to the challenge … I have also started recording a new experiment… which means it’s science. :)   Here is the first  post on my latest experiment, the experiment is ongoing and in fact this is one of many experiments I have done.


The Experiment

I woke up this morning and consumed nothing but coffee with coconut oil and butter. I was lazy so I just stirred a little in each cup.

1) Pre Workout BG :  I decided to go for maximum push ups in 4 minutes and to test the effect on my blood sugar.

At 10:21 on 12/2/2014 below is my pre-workout blood sugar reading.

BOOM! … I love the 70’s!! 


2014-12-02 10.28.23




… just gotta use another BOOM! … I had a new personal record! Actually two. :)

One – I did 119 push ups in 4 minutes!!!  … a record!

Two – I did 100 push ups in 2:56 … a record!

So … what would be the effect on my BG???


3) I tested my blood sugar after 30 minutes...  (I didn’t exercise until 11 am)

I was elated at this point…

2014-12-02 11.34.43


4)  Tested after an hour … it’s higher which was mildly disappointing… but then again I am always mildly disappointed at my blood sugar…  unless it’s in the upper 60’s to 70’s. :)

2014-12-02 12.04.08


5) Tested again after 1 1/2 hours. BG is solidly back into normal ranges… I am happy.   I reset the date on the FreeStyle to 12/2 … :)


2014-12-02 12.32.35



What’s the point of this experiment?  … well … if you read the linked posts above you would know… :)

In short,  I want to stay below 100 mg/dl … as much as possible.

Intense exercise will some times ‘jack’ me up to the 120’s and even 130’s.

I decided to change up my workouts … in an experiment.  I want to see if performing shorter intense workouts will help me achieve my goals.

It appears to have worked!  I never tested above 100 mg/dl today.

I have tested many times and my highest reading yet was 103 mg/dl, given the meter variances… this is within my limits.

I am a fan of LONG intense workouts… of an hour or more.  I will do them again but likely not with the frequency I have done them in the past.


Why this is Important for YOU

1) If your blood sugars are elevated … experiment with brief intense workouts instead of workouts for 30 minutes, an hour or more.

I do not recommend working out intensely if you have elevated blood sugars.  Intense workouts will raise blood sugars. (I am talking about VERY intense workouts).

2) EVERYTHING we do is an experiment.  Everything. 

YOU are the result of all that you have done up to this point.

I urge you to pay attention to your experiment and try to improve your blood sugars, your health and your fitness.  You will be glad you did. :)

If your blood sugars are elevated and you can not achieve my numbers…

READ MY BOOK!  “How to Reduce Blood Sugars”.


PS – Let me thank I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. . By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies) .  They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally. :)