100 Push ups A Day Challenge

10799367_858104057568019_1756740363_nChallenges are … AWESOME!!!   Physical, mental and dietary… ‘it’s all good’. ;)

I am a believer in pushing your mind and body … on a routine basis.

Please at least read the next section in its entirety … ‘Da Rules’.


Da Rules

#1  – There are NO RULES!!!  

What YOU do ….. is up to YOU!

The intent here is to get you MOVING!    And to challenge myself too of course. :)

I would like for YOU to do as many as you can, up to 100 every single day until New Year’s Day.   That is my goal.

I’m doing ‘typical’ push ups, but you can do…

Wall Push Ups – the easiest.  Simply lean against a wall and push away from the way.

Table Push Ups – more difficult. Lean over and gripping the edge of the table… push up. Simple as that. :)

Knee Push Ups – Laying on the floor , pushing up while the knees contact the ground.

If you post on social media about it … and want me to holla at you … post it with this hash tag. :)  #100PushUpChallenge 

Note:  After my Diabetes Diagnosis … I started doing what I could do comfortably, and tried to do a little more each day. 

When I first began doing push ups … I could only do 7 in a row.   I did not get discouraged, I kept doing a little more each day.


My Personal Challenge

100 Push Ups a day until New Year’s Day


I’m doing 100 push ups at one time, preferably in 4 minutes.

What YOU do … is up to you.  100 in a day … is awesome! :)


Note: Before starting new physical activity, please check with your Medical Industry Professional.  They may want to sell you a drug or new medical service before you begin.

I suggest you do as many as you can comfortably do today … and try to do a little bit more tomorrow. :)

Lastly.. as the picture of my ‘primal gym’ at the top of the post shows… I like to do my workouts outside and barefoot.

If you can… weather permitting, exercise outside is always better in my opinion.

Getcha some eXercise! :)