Thanks For Diabetes

Thankful for diabetes?! The statement is absolutely, positively true.  I am very thankful for a diabetes diagnosis back in 2009. Why be thankful for a disease?

    • Health Transformation
    • Fitness Transformation
    • Mental Transformation: Opening My Mind

Sincerely, I am thankful for DIABETES! Many of my friends, especially those dependent on insulin will never be able to say this, and that fact does cause me pause.  However,  I state this publicly because the 400 million diabetics on the planet need to hear it.


 Note:  I am a formerly diabetes drug and insulin dependent diabetic.  Now I have truly normal blood sugars AND I am drug and insulin free! The picture above is indicative of my physical and mental ‘condition’, just before a diabetes diagnosis. No smile, obese, sickly, I remember this well. 

Why Thankful for Diabetes

Health Transformation

Before being diagnosed with DIABETES my health was a wreck. I was chronically sick, obese … I had lost my zest for living. 


Had I not been diagnosed with diabetes, I KNOW I would have continued on my path.

I was becoming sicker and sicker …  as well as heavier and heavier.

I had resigned myself to being an obese, sickly, sedentary wretch.

“Today” I rarely get sick and when I do… it passes without the use of drugs or medical industry services (doctor visits).   I haven’t seen a medical industry professional since 2009 … except for the time I dislocated my shoulder due to a biking accident.

Fitness Transformation

As a result of my DIABETES diagnosis I have not only improved my health, but my fitness as well.

Before diabetes diagnosis walking to the mailbox and back was a chore.

“Today” I run, bike, walk and play daily. I exercise most days a week.

I am sure I have extended my years but I know it has improved the quality of my life…. and that is something I definitely should be thankful for.

I have added years to my life  AND added LIFE to my years!


Mental Transformation: Opening My Mind

Over the last seven plus years I have learned that much of what diabetics are told regarding diabetes treatment is wrong.  I’ve learned that much of all ‘nutritional science’ is wrong.

Not only is it wrong, not only is it not helpful… it’s harmful.

I learned that much of the diabetes protocols and overall dietary guidance is based on faulty science funded by big food companies, large drug companies and the medical industry.

Once you learn that large conglomerates profit from the harmful advice… while millions suffer, you learn to question everything.

Opening my mind to question every  thing, is powerful and liberating.

I urge you to not only try my low carb paleo diabetes diet, but also to learn to ‘open your mind’ and question everything.  Question every thing.

After Diabetes Pictures

Here are a few ‘after’ pictures.  I lost my weight back in 2009 … I weigh the same today as I did at my lowest in 2009.  159 lbs +/- 5 lbs. :)

20140427_115741 (3)

20140427_115638 (1)

Make a Change

Being thankful for diabetes is always in the back of my mind, even today more than 7 years after my diabetes diagnosis. I will always remember how I ‘was’, how miserable I felt.

I am sincere when I say … THANKS DIABETES!

The transformational benefits I received could possibly be yours as well, but you will never know unless you change.

If you want to change your health, fitness or mental outlook… you will need to change YOU.

Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars
Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars

Here is a link to my ebook, “How to Reduce Blood Sugars“, if you need assistance reducing your blood sugars.  I also explain why I have set my blood sugar targets to where they are today. :)

Peace, love and … normal blood sugars to you.

10 thoughts on “Thanks For Diabetes”

  1. My thoughts exactly, and much the same reasoning. I’m thankful I met you, which sparked my study of the dangers of wheat gluten – even for those who don’t show symptoms of sensitivity to it! By changing my diet and getting more exercise, I shed nearly 60 lbs., went from a 38″ waist to a 31″-32″ (varies by manufacturer) and an XL shirt to L. I could do M if not for this crazy rib cage of mine!

  2. Sandra_Abernathy

    Steve, I am so thankful to have met you and Brian (Keith), too!! And I am also so thankful for all I have learned. It’s Thanksgiving today, and now I gotta get back to the big ass turkey in the oven that is cooking…(drool). :-) I wonder how they cooked turkey in Grok’s time? Over an open pit? With several at a time going? As a Native American, that is how the ancestors cooked them.

    1. … thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Get back to that Big Ass Turkey! :))

      You make me jealous with your “NA” bragging. :)) … I don’t have a number. :( Take care and I am very thankful to have you in my life. :)

  3. I totally agree if i was not diagnosed with diabetes i would have continued to severly overweight tired i would have never started lifting weights again and i would have remainded in perpetual state of denial that nothing was wrong with me

  4. I was super fat, tired, unhappy, no drive for life, and probably headed for worse. Now I’ve lost 60+ lbs, love to workout, I take life one day at a time, and I don’t sweat the small stuff like I used to. I’ve also gotten into reading about fitness and nutrition, and taking care of myself.

  5. I’m curious about when you started eating the Primal way, did you keep taking your insulin and diabetic meds? I have found that my insulin shots cause me to gain weight. I have not been taking my insulin and trying to eat Primal and wondered how you started out. thanks for all the info you have shared and given me hope!

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