Update: Eastern NC Benefit for Brendan Williams

Jan 3, 2012 Update

Brendan Williams (my nephew) will be undergoing a  kidney transplant today in Chapel Hill, NC.

My Sister-In-Law Terry Westbrook will be donating a kidney as well today.

Thoughts and prayers are welcome.


On every level this event was a success and though I played a TINY part… it was nice to contribute.

1) The Benefit raised $42,000+  for Brendan’s kidney transplant which will hopefully take place this year.

Donations are still being accepted, if you would like to contribute here is the contact info.  As noted below, I know Terry Williams (sister-in-law) and all donations will be handled professionally.

Support Fund for Brendan and can be mailed to:

Terrie Westbrook, 139 Harper House Road, Newton Grove, NC 28366 or can be given to Gail Darden at First Citizens Bank (PO Box 116) in Newton Grove.

2) Anytime a community pulls together for such a worthy cause, it’s a great thing to witness.

3) It was good to see friends and family that I had not seen in years and for some, many years.

4) The food was AMAZING! … Eastern Style Barbecue Pork and Barbecued Chicken… so good.

7 Hogs were cooked.  ALL the barbecue was sold… this is amazing given the size of Newton Grove… a little over 600 people.

If you contributed or shared this link… sincerest THANK YOU

Additional Pics of the day

A serving of Eastern Style Barbecue, my favorite!
1/2 of the grills for cooking the hogs and chickens…. I wanted to lick the grills… :)
the ‘Other Half’ of the grills… nom, Nom, NOM!



Post Purpose?

1) To make you aware of a special young man who needs help…. my nephew.  He has only one kidney and it is failing.

2) To make you aware of a Benefit for Brendan in Eastern North Carolina, Saturday October 1st.  Here’s the Link to the Facebook Event, “Benefit for Brendan Williams“.

There will be barbeque chickens and pork and many other great foods…  YES! … I have been assigned to help with the cooking. :) … although honestly, THESE folks know how to cook… I’ll just be a gofer most likely. :)

There will be an Auction and a raffle for many great prizes including…

Raffle to include: Benelli shotgun, 42″ Plasma TV, $100  and MORE!

Auction for 40+ items including Carolina Hurricane tickets, box seats for Charlotte Bobcats, gift baskets, hand made and antique furniture and crafts. Also companies have donated items such as John Deere, Duplin Winery and Chevrolet dealerships.

Warning, there will be a bake sale … but I will not be purchasing any of those items.


* IF you live in Eastern North Carolina… I would LOVE for you to come by and introduce yourself.  Eat some good food … for a worthy cause. :)

** IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS in eastern NC… please forward this post to them.

*** IF you can not make it and would like to send in a donation… here is the contact information.
Support Fund for Brendan and can be mailed to Terrie Westbrook, 139 Harper House Road, Newton Grove, NC 28366

Terry is my Sister In Law… she’s good people. :) 

More info on Brendan Williams and the Benefit

Brendan Williams is the 14 year-old son of Danny Williams of Newton Grove, NC and Jacinda Ammons (step-son of Geoffrey) of Linden, NC. He is the grandson of Bryan and Susie Williams of Newton Grove and Warren and Brenda Hinson of Fayetteville. Brendan was born with Mylticystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease.

He had surgery within days of birth to remove a non-functioning kidney, leaving him a half functioning kidney to sustain his life. His past 14 years have been spent taking medications, and receiving constant medical care. His remaining kidney is now failing him, meaning dialysis and transplant. Brendan began dialysis on July 11, 2011. The dialysis process entails many trips to UNC Children’s Hospital and the Carrboro Dialysis Center. There is week-long training for him and his family in providing much needed life-saving care so that he may stay at home and be as comfortable and “normal” as possible.

He will travel to Carrboro once a week for dialysis care and maintenance. His struggle will not end there, however. Once he receives a donated kidney, he will be on a daily regimen of anti-rejection medications for the rest of his life, and these are outrageously expensive.

Currently, Brendan’s aunt, Terrie Westbrook, is compatible to donate, but she still has testing ahead of her.

Brendan is very easy going and courageous. He loves baseball and UNC basketball, especially #50 Tyler Hansbrough, former Tarheel basketball player. Brendan had to give up playing baseball a few years ago due to doctors’ orders and his low energy level. He puts on a brave face, but one can only imagine the storm of emotions going on inside.

The Newton Grove Community, local churches, and Brendan’s family are planning a benefit to be held Saturday, October 1, 2011 at the Newton Grove Fire Department from 11am to 7pm. BBQ pork and chicken plates will be sold for $7.00 per plate. There will also be raffle tickets for a 42” LG Flat Screen Television, a Benelli shotgun, and $100 cash sold, a silent auction, and a bake sale.

We are asking people to help with this event with support, prayers, donations, and volunteering their time. Donations for this event are now being accepted; checks can be made payable to Support Fund for Brendan and can be mailed to Terrie Westbrook, 139 Harper House Road, Newton Grove, NC 28366 or can be given to Gail Darden at First Citizens Bank (PO Box 116) in Newton Grove.

Thanks for your support!!!

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