2011 – Year in Review

November was a month of ‘bashing’ the American Diabetes Association…and a month of thanks too of course.

December was a month of experiments.


The popularity of my humble attempt at educating, motivating and entertaining people (the blog) … has exceeded my expectations. Every month saw increases in readership… including November and December when people have many other interests and demands for their time.

Sincerely… for all those that read and share my posts….

The growth in readership is gratifying BECAUSE … every single person who follows, “This Meal Plan” and increases exercising … like these, “Primal Exercises” improves health markers, feels better and … reduces drugs and insulin.
As the readership grows, that means more and more people are at least hearing the message,

“the grain based, high carb meal plan ‘pushed’ by the ‘medical industry’ is not a healthy meal plan.”

Okay, enough ‘preaching’ for now. :)

December’s Top Viewed

1) Date with the Devil and “Follow Up

2) High Blood Sugar, What to do…

3) Fat Fast – Day 1 and Intro

4)  Deathcare, not Healthcare

5) Fats & Cholesterol are Good


Year In Review 2011

Let’s take a look  at the most viewed posts for 2011… shall we? :)
Most Viewed in 2011

1) Link Between Carbs and Type 2 Diabetes  

2) Giving Richard Nikoley Credit 

3) Insanity Is

4) Low Carb Primal Chili

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6) ADA Diet is High Carb

7) $19 million Paid to ADA

8) Coconut Oil Fast is Over

9) 90% Failure Rate is “Success”?

10) Low Carb Pyramid, Say I Can!



Honorable Mentions

… that were ‘close’ to making the list.

Paleo Success Story with a Vegan Twist

Why Low Carb Works, 3 Amigos

Would This Shock You



I just want to say… from the BOTTOM of my heart… thank you again for your support.

Without your support, I would be like a vine with it’s roots severed… I would wither and die on the vine.

It never fails, if I have a ‘down day’ … someone will say ‘thanks’ or ‘keep up the good fight’ or share their own success story.   Like this one I received just the other day.