Goal Setting 2012? Taking it to the Streets!!

It’s that time of the year again… one year is ending and in a few days a new year will begin.

We are at a time when many make resolutions or set yearly goals for themselves.  Do it TODAY!    Commit today to ‘low carb paleo’!

If you read my blog you KNOW that ‘low carb paleo’ works for me.   If you read the ‘Paleo Success Stories” (Click Here) … you KNOW it works for them.

… is it not time to make the decision to ‘Go Paleo”?   Make a decision right now to ‘go Paleo’ January 2, 2012.  Click Here for my meal suggestions and click here for free fitness videos.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Choose to live the rest of your life in a way that will not only increase the years of your life… but will increase the life in your years.


Go “Low Carb Paleo” for 30 days, commit to that and I promise you, you WILL be glad you did.

Make your New Year’s Resolution  “going paleo” on January 2, 2012.  DO IT!


This is often a time of reflecting back on the goals, resolutions and expectations of the previous year.  I am going to talk briefly about my list of accomplishments and failures.


First …. My Failures

1. Expand My Business – I had wanted to expand my blog into a growing business in 2011, I have failed at this. The blog’s readership continues to grow month over month…. but not the business.


Frankly, a lack of confidence that I can do so. I am confident in many areas of my life… some would say ‘cocky’ but creating a successful business from scratch is not an area I feel confident in.

In 2012, I recommit myself to this goal.

2. Partnerships – I wanted to find ‘strategic partners’ that would allow me to accomplish #1… and allow me to bring the message to more and more people.

I sought out several last year … and either they didn’t like me… or I didn’t like them… or both.

Diabetes-Warrior.net is ‘my baby’ … I am very protective about who I share it with. I have trusted a few people … only to have it blow up in my face.

I do recommit myself to finding appropriate partners in 2012.

** If you have thoughts or ideas on this… please let me know. :)

A picture of me in a size "Small" T-shirt a couple of months ago.

3. Fitness Goals. Last and certainly least… I have not run a sub 7 minute mile and I do not have 6 pack ABS … yet.  Both of these are long time goals that have not been achieved… yet. :)

I say “last and certainly least” …because I am perfectly happy with my fitness level and I continue to get stronger and more fit.

Okay, I have the negative stuff out of the way…. now for the good stuff!


My Accomplishments

1. No Compromise, Loyal to the Cause

I am turning down a lot of money every single month.  I could easily be making money selling ad space to so called ‘low carb’  food companies that pimp glutenous grain products.

I have not… and I WILL NOT do so.  I REFUSE TO COMPROMISE! … and you should too!


2.  Successful Diabetes Self-Treatment. Thirty Three Months of Successful Diabetes Self-Treatment, the end of March it will be 3 years.    That’s 2 1/2 years of adherence to the “Primal Blueprint”…. and never going back! :)

3. Growth of the Blog – This is no doubt my proudest accomplishment…. and for that I THANK YOU!!!

My personal success has been AWESOME!! But giving this gift to others and watching them THRIVE while they share with others has been a TREMENDOUS blessing to me.

While December is too close to call at this point… the blog continues to grow every single month.  It has been a pleasant surprise and I am so happy that it has helped people improve their health and fitness.


Personal Goals for 2012:

1) I will ‘stay’ the course regarding ‘primal living’, no shock there :)

2) I will seek partners who will help me expand the reach of this blog and my business goals.

3) Low Carb Paleo is ‘easy’ for me.  I have successfully argued with a doctor who was a ‘diabetes educator’, here’s the post.

It’s easy for me to debate ‘online’… but I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I will expand my reach by “taking it to the streets”…. so to speak. :)   The picture to the right will be my first ‘jump’ in this direction. I will be attending this public ‘talk’ by a Certified Diabetes Educator.

To set the mood… here’s the Doobie Brothers with, “Taking it to the Streets”.



If you are NOT yet ‘low carb paleo’ … please, I urge you to give it a try.

Step outside your comfort zone… like I am going to do. ;)


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  1. I found this blog via empire avenue and I must say that I am impressed. I share your beliefs that we are not being given the whole truth about diabetes. I will definitely share this information with my family member who is battling diabetes. Happy New Year and I wish you the best of luck with your goals for this year.

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