Low Carb Paleo Christmas

A low carb paleo lifestyle helps me manage diabetes. I am a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic.

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Today, I have normal weight, normal blood sugars and I am “THRIVING and not just surviving”  .. drug and insulin FREE!!!

low carb paleo lifestyle helps me manage diabetes
Ollie… chillaxing. :)


I typically exercise for only 15-45 minutes per day, 4-6 days a week. Most workouts last 30 minutes with an occasional hour long workout.  During my workouts, especially those shorter in duration… I always try to workout intensely with as little rest as possible.


Intense Paleo Style Workouts

What does that mean? For me that means working out anaerobically … or ‘without oxygen’. This just means that you workout intensely enough that you can’t catch your breath.  If you are in an anaerobic state, you would have difficulty talking due to the oxygen deficit.   You can find out for sure if you are in an anaerobic state by obtaining a heart rate monitor from many sporting goods stores. You want to be in excess of 80% of your estimated maximum heart rate, which can vary according to age.


My Diabetic Workouts


Christmas Eve Exercise

I posted my exercise details on Facebook. The top right picture of Ollie was taken Christmas Eve.

Here was the text of my Facebook post.


Barefoot Exercise on this 52 degree, sunny day….

20 x 100 yard barefoot sprints

330 total (11 sets of 15) Incline & Decline Push Ups (using a tractor tire)

In between Push Up Sets, I performed various plyometrics exercises including Military March, Tire Jumps, Leg Lifts etc.

Over an hour of Intense X… and LOVING IT! :)

#ThrivingNotJustSurviving #barefoot #shirtless


Including a warm up period while I walked Ollie around the track and performed some yoga style stretching … I was outside, barefoot and shirtless for about 1 1/2 hours.  All of this on a cool but sunny December day.

Words just can’t express the exuberance …. the tremendous rush I feel, being outside on a sunny day performing intense exercises barefoot and shirtless.

If I could bottle it up and send it to others… there would be a lot more people eating, playing …. living like I do.


Christmas Exercise Day

Slow and steady walks, are a great diabetes exercise. The day was a rest day, although I did take Ollie for three walks around the neighborhood.


Day After Christmas

I went back to the high school with my ‘wing man’ Ollie.  You can watch the video below… there is an ‘Ollie Appearance” … but I’ll go ahead and tell ya the results… I had a new Personal Record in the “Three 120’s!!”



Doing intense primal eXercises is a great way to exercise, regardless of your goals.  I had not performed these exercises in over a month … yet I achieved a new PERSONAL RECORD!

I’d have to go back and check my records but I know my last two ‘personal bests’ were in the 27 and 28 minute ranges. This new Personal Record BLEW PAST my previous bests… and I am LOVING IT!! :)

If you are not familiar with what the “Three 120’s” look like, here is a brief video showing each of the three moves, “ Sled Push, Tire Flip and Bear Crawls“. The workout is 120 Tire Flips, 120 yards of Sled Push and 120 yards of Bear Crawls.


Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Foods


Christmas Foods

low carb paleo helps me manage diabetes

low carb paleo helps me manage diabetes
My Veggies on Christmas Eve – click to Enlarge


The pictures above are the foods I actually ate.  I had SEVERAL of those plates… full of baked ham and the vegetables. All foods are low carb paleo and diabetic friendly.

I did remain ‘on plan’.  I encountered NO cravings and I was never REALLY tempted…. but there were potential ‘traps’ at the party, see the table of sweets below?

There were breads, cakes, cookies and sugary sauces …  but I was not tempted.


low carb paleo helps me manage diabetes
This table of food offered no ‘real’ challenge. :)



As you can see and read I stayed on plan, I did not stray from my meal plan nor from my exercise plan.

If you can ‘kick the addiction’ for a month, you can do it for two months and if you can do it two… you can totally break the carbohydrate / sugar addiction like I and many others have done.

Like I tell people almost every day … I was a HUGE carb fiend, if I can do it… so can YOU!

If you fall completely off plan… read this post, “Fall of the Wagon” if you need help.


Once you break the addiction foods taste better, you will feel better and you will take less drugs and insulin.

I urge you to …

Go low carb paleo!!!


“Start THRIVING, not just surviving!”


Low carb paleo helps me manage diabetes.


Here is my low carb paleo meal plan. 

Here are basic primal exercise videos.