Fall Off Wagon?

The holiday season can be especially difficult those of us who want to eat a real food, low carb, diabetes diet.

  • Did you fall off the wagon?
  • Worse, did the wheels fall off your wagon?
  • Worse still, was the wagon totaled in a holiday train wreck?


Regardless of your level of dietary indiscretion, you only have one choice. You must get back on the wagon. Your life depends on it, literally.


Hopefully the picture above does not depict your experience. Even if you did binge eat on high carb, glutenous, sugary … junk, this post is for you.


Learn From Your Experience

Above all else… you need to reflect on who, what, when, where and how it happened.

Social pressures, mental and physical ‘states’ can all play roles.

Make a note of what caused the dietary setback and learn to avoid them in the future.


Grains and Sugars Are Addictive

Studies show that grains and sugars are addictive, but I don’t need a study… I know from personal experience.

For me, sugar and grains are absolutely addictive. I have beaten the addiction … I know.
I also know if I consume sugary glutenous ‘junk’, the indiscretions can reignite my addictions.

We also know that Big Food engineers their highly processed, glutenous, sugary products to be addictive. Yes, that’s right… they engineer food to keep us addicted to their sugary, glutenous ‘crap’.  Don’t play their game.

AVOID all processed Big Food products. I don’t like calling products, ‘food’.



** Do NOT “beat yourself up”

Reflect on the situation, learn from it and vow never to fall into Big Food’s trap again.

Beating yourself up will reduce self esteem and create even MORE cravings or desires.
Yes you screwed up, we all do… accept it, learn from it and let’s move forward.


Moving Forward

1) Pick yourself up. 

You should be proud of yourself.

YOU have chosen to do what millions have not.  YOU have decided to improve your health and fitness by following a low carb meal plan. Unlike millions, YOU have decided to take control of your health.


2) Dust yourself off.

Yes, you had a set back…  but so what?  Life is full of challenges.  We learn from our mistakes and move forward, getting back on track to better health and fitness.


3) Jump back on the Low Carb wagon train.

  • this train’s destination is better health and fitness.
  • this train ride will allow you to not only live more years…
  • you will also enjoy more LIVING, in those years.

Why  Stay on Plan?

Sadly, many who fall off the wagon… never have the strength to get back on the wagon, they wallow in self-pity and blame. Do NOT do that.

For those who can stay on plan, you know how the story ends.  Elevated blood sugars lead to a downward health spiral.

  • declining health with increasing health problems
  • organ failure, with strokes, heart attacks and kidney failures.
  • neuropathy and retinopathy
  • amputations


Plan to Succeed

No one should ‘plan to fail’.

Everyone should ‘plan to succeed’.

Do Not Leave Yourself Vulnerable – If you leave yourself in a vulnerable position, you dramatically increase the odds of a “cheat”.   And with every cheat, you increase the odds of rekindling the grain and sugar addictions.

ALWAYS … I repeat ALWAYS do one of three things, depending on circumstances.

A) This is the preferable option, especially if you are still addicted to carbs.  ALWAYS have “safe foods” with you.  Read the full list but sardines, cheese, pork rinds and deli meats are usually all available in convenience stores.

B)  Always KNOW where you can find “safe” foods. (if you do not bring them with you).

** YOU can not make an excuse… “I was hungry and didn’t have anything to eat”….

…that is NOT a REASON. It is an excuse, even if you failed to bring safe foods with you, most restaurants have salads. You can even order sandwiches at many fast food restaurants, just order without the bun and sauces.

C) Never leave the home without a plan. If you are going to a party where there will be mostly high carb foods, I NEVER leave home unless I am sated (and I still bring safe foods).  Even the most “carby” dinner parties will have a meat and some safe vegetables.

CHEATING IS A CHOICE … There are NO valid reasons for a “cheat”…. NO EXCUSES!



 Do NOT ‘beat yourself up’, yes you had a setback.

But unlike millions, you have decided to get back on track, to get back on the low carb train…and ride it to better health and fitness!

Congratulations! :)

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  1. Timely post, Steve – going to be sharing this one for sure! :) I always feel like someone’s punched me in the stomach or I pass out if I “cheat” – so it’s pretty easy to stay on the wagon once you get used to low carb Primal’s feel-good benefits

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