Happy 5 year Diabetes Anniversary!!! WooT

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My First Year Anniversary Pic From obese… to a BEAST! :)

My five year diabetes diagnosis anniversary was yesterday 2/15/2009 …

I was going to weave a masterful post … using all of my limited writing ability to craft a masterpiece that will convince ALL ‘fence sitters’ to join me in …. primal living.

I ran out of time… instead I will leave you with this abbreviated post with links to past Anniversary posts. :)

Happy Anniversary to ME! :)

For those that do not know, I was taken to the hospital via ambulance on February 15, 2009 after being chronically sick for months. I went to the urgent care facility … and they whisked me away to the hospital.

I was told my pancreas had shutdown and that I was likely a Type 1 Diabetic and would be on diabetes drugs and insulin… for the rest of my life.

Had I listened and followed the ADA way of ‘carb up and shoot up’ diabetes treatment plan… there is no doubt that I would STILL be drug and insulin dependent.

Note: When I weaned off drugs and insulin a little over a month later… I was told that I was in a ‘honeymoon’ period that could last weeks or months… and that I should “enjoy it while it lasts”.

THIS has been ONE HELL-U-VA Honeymoon!! Woot! :)


Luckily I did not listen to those that profit from the pain and suffering of diabetics …

I did my own research and through self discovery realized that I found a better way.

If you are not eating a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan… I urge you to do so.

After 5 years… I love how I eat, I love how I play… I LOVE HOW I LIVE!!!


…and I’m never going back!!

That is all. :)


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To all of my friends… thank you so much for all of the support and motivation.


MUAH! I love you much!

Let’s all have many many more ‘diabetes’ anniversaries!