Luckily I did not listen to those that profit from the pain and suffering of diabetics ... After 5 years... I love how I eat, I love how I play... I LOVE HOW I LIVE!!! ...and I'm never going back!!

Happy 5 year Diabetes Anniversary!!! WooT

My first post since May … my apologies for the long delay. Much has happened since May.  I won’t go into the investigation and my lawsuit against the state of NC in this post … I’ll try to write an update on that topic soon. What this post IS about […]

Update 8/2/2012

Three years ago today I received news that would alter my ‘life path’, a diabetes diagnosis. Life changing events can come in many forms… some events are the equivalent of being hit in the head with a ‘2 x 4’ … some are more subtle.  The diabetes diagnosis was definitely a […]

Happy 3 Year Diabetes Anniversary… woo HOO!