Poblano Peppers, Tomatoes

20140313_185256 (1)
This is a previous ‘creation’ using chuck roast and Sriracha/Hot Sauce blend.

My first food post in a LONG time. Why?  My foods are so simple now, for the most part. 

I typically cook meat with a handful of veggies.

However, I recently tried something different and I wanted to share because  I think it can make a difference for some of you. 

YOU will never need to buy a taco shell again… never!

Want something crunchy? BAM! Try a Poblano Pepper.  It tastes very similar to a Green Pepper but with a ‘bite’.  It’s not hot… but it is lukewarm, depending on your tastes. :)

And… you can really ‘load it up’ with contents. :)


How to Use Pablanos

I’ve used avocado and zucchini to hold food in the past… I did it by simply slicing them in half and removing the unwanted material. You can see previous food posts, “Stuffed Avocado“, “Stuffed Guacamole Supreme!” and “Zucchini Boats w/Chile“.

Slicing the Pablano in half did not work for me, there is not enough room to add a lot of meat. I do think halving would work if you are preparing appetizers … say with bacon and cheese! :)

I discovered these a few weeks ago and after experimenting (and stealing Karen Gales idea) I learned to just slice a little from top to bottom. This creates a nice pocket for all sorts of meats, cheeses and other plants. :)20140316_142102 (2)

In the picture you can see how I cut a strip down one side of the pepper. I use the firm cheese pieces to force and hold open the pepper. You can cram more into them this way.

Pro Tip: Too when you add the hot meat, it melts and creates… heaven!  :)


Ingredients (per person)  Total Carbs = 22 grams

1 Chicken Breast   (0) carbs
1 Pablano pepper   (4) carbs
2 Roma tomatoes    (18) carbs
2 oz of cheese ( I used Monterrey Jack) (0) Carbs
Salt, Pepper to taste

Optional:  Garlic, Onions and Oregano!  (next time)



First – greased the skillet with butter, cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces and began cooking.

Second – I cut up the veggies as noted above.  


Third – I am using a raw Pablano, if you would like to roast yours (and I do like it like that way as well) then now is the time to place in the over to roast or broil.

Fourth – When the chicken is ‘done’… add the tomato and pepper (and any other vegetables). I don’t cook my vegetables as much as I am warming and coating them with the fat that I’m cooking with. I like my vegetables crunchy.

Here is a picture of the chicken and vegetables cooked together.


Next – Load up the pepper!! or ‘stuff’ it if you prefer! :)

Pro Tip: I left the stem on the pepper. That aids in controlling your meal. :)

20140316_142448 (1)


Lastly:   Add cheese and microwave for a few seconds until the cheese melts. 


20140316_142629 (1)


Blood Sugar Readings

Almost forgot!!   After consuming 22g of carbohydrates here are my blood sugar readings.

1 hr = 126 mg/dl

2 hr = 112 mg/dl

3 hr = 89 mg/dl


Take Home Message

4 1/2 years ago I started my low carb and ‘fully primal’ journey.

I love the way I eat and I love the way I FEEL!!! ….and I am NEVER GOING BACK to the way I once ate and lived.

I love to explore nature and…. new foods as well.  I wandered into a Hispanic grocery store a few weeks ago, only a couple of blocks from where I live.   I discovered Chorizo for the first time (no junk added, just spices) and Pablano Peppers!!

Embrace exploration!!! … of foods, places and people.

And do not forget, QUESTION EVERYTHING!

I did… and it has changed my life positively… for good. :)