Zucchini Boats … chili, cheese and bacon.

A friend on twitter (@meandjorge) mentioned that she was making stuffed zucchini and I decided to make my own…

… I mean… what a WONDERFUL idea!

Zucchini or Zukes as I like to call them are very low carb, only 4 grams of carbs per cup.

I was making a big batch of chili to freeze for my sons in college so I decided to add a little chili to these Zucchini boats … with cheese and bacon of course. :)

In the Upper Right picture you see the finished product of the Bacon and Cheese Zucchini boat.   It was delicious!

Remember to ‘click to enlarge’ .

Let’s get started looking at the steps for the Zuke Boats! :)



– before cooking the zucchini,  brown meat to add to the Zuke Boats … I was making chili so I used it as the main filler.  Click here for my Chili recipe …it is grain and bean free. :)

–  Also brown and chop or process bacon into bacon bits.



1. Rinse, slice and remove the ‘pulp’.  I used an ice cream scoop to remove the pulp … very easy to do.

2. Place the Zucchini in a skillet with garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


3. Cook on low to medium heat for about 10 minutes on one side and then turn.  As you can see below, I also use this opportunity to sprinkle Tony Chachere’s on the Zukes at this point.



4.  After 20 minutes of cooking… it’s just assemble time.

Simple spoon the chili (or browned meat) into the ‘Zuke Boats” ….  sprinkling cheese and bacon on top.  You could put these in the oven for a minutes to melt the cheese… I just placed in the microwave for 20 seconds and we were ‘good to go’.


5.  Other Views… for your viewing pleasure. 



Just a thought for the holidays or anytime you want to make finger food… this would be a excellent choice.  You could even slice them and place toothpicks in them for a snack tray… just a thought. :)


This recipe is low carb, primal and DIABETES friendly.


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… now… JUST DO IT!

Start THRIVING… not just surviving!!!   … say no to the American Diabetes Association’s “carb up and shoot up” diabetes treatment plan.