Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny (Epigenetics)

The topic of today’s post is an important one … especially for those seeking a deeper understanding of why “low carb paleo” works.    Bear with me, as the post progresses, there will be studies and more links to help explain things.

The cover of Time magazine has it right … YOUR DNA is NOT your destiny.

A corollary to this …

“Do not blame your  (insert illness) on your DNA or genes!”

For example…

Do NOT blame your obesity or your diabetes on genes!


Too often people take a fatalistic approach to their health. If you or someone you know has ‘given up’ on improving their health because they believe they are destined to be obese or diseased…

… please show them this post.



Before I begin, let me say…


“If you want to change outcomes … you must change the inputs”


In simple laymen terms … that’s ALL that ‘paleo living’ is about.

The vast majority of people are eating and living in a manner that increases their odds of obtaining disease and in becoming obese.  It’s not just what we eat or the amount of exercise we perform; it’s also how much sleep we obtain, how much stress we endure as well as the pollution and toxins we encounter every day.

I hear people routinely say things like, “I have a fat gene.” or “I’m going to get type 2 diabetes because everyone in my family has it”

That is another lie that is spread by the American Diabetes Association and their minions, diabetes educators. It’s WRONG… it’s a lie!  In my opinion they tell this to diabetics so they will ‘give up’ … and give in to taking drugs and insulin for the rest of their lives.

THEY tell this to people so that they will be satisfied with a ‘carb up and shoot up’ diabetes treatment plan.

YOU are not ‘predestined’ for obesity nor type 2 diabetes … nor Asthma, Arthritis, Crohns, Celiacs disease , etc.


Fact: If you continue to eat a high carb, grain based, low fat diet … then your likelihood of contracting all those diseases GREATLY increases. The odds and time frame of contracting the diseases are greatly influenced by your genetics. 

Thanks to for the picture

At the heart of a ‘paleo lifestyle’ is epigenetics, in a nutshell epigenetics is the study of how variables affect genetic expressions.

Below are links to posts, articles and studies providing more information about epigenetics.


Definitions or Explanations of Epigentics :

As you read the definitions or explanations below … remember my phrase,

“If you want to change outcomes … you must change the inputs”


From the University of Utah – (click this link for more information)

The development and maintenance of an organism is orchestrated by a set of chemical reactions that switch parts of the genome off and on at strategic times and locations. Epigenetics is the study of these reactions and the factors that influence them.


All the things we mention above (diet, stress, pollution, toxins, etc)  and many more influence our genes by turning them on and off.


The genome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins and other factors activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression.


For example, if we have a gluten intolerance and consume wheat … based on our genetic composition we may have an immediate response (gastrointestinal  issues) or we may have responses that take years or decades to reveal themselves.

Gastrointestinal disease is NOT in our destiny!! … we simply need to avoid eating foods (like gluten) … namely glutenous wheat and grains.


Identical Twins

From a PBS / Nova website

Environmental factors can alter the way our genes are expressed, making even identical twins different.


Yes… even identical twins have different outcomes based on many factors including stress, diet, exercise, environment, etc.

How is it possible that one identical twin would develop diseases and health conditions, totally different from the other identical twin?

Answer?  They each had different ‘inputs’, they encountered different foods, varying amounts of stress, pollution, toxins etc… this caused them to have varying ‘outcomes’ … even though they were genetically the same.


** This should give HOPE and COMFORT to people who believe they are  destined to be fat or diabetic or  ____ (fill in the blank) because of their gene pool.



Luckily for us our genes are not our destiny. We have immense control through lifestyle behaviors to turn some genes on and other genes off for desired physical results.

There are multiple future possible versions of you. It’s up to you to decide which version you will become. It’s up to you to make lifestyle choices that direct genes toward fat burning, muscle building, longevity and wellness, and away from fat storing, muscle wasting, disease and illness.


Time Magazine Article

It is through epigenetic marks that environmental factors like diet, stress and prenatal nutrition can make an imprint on genes that is passed from one generation to the next.


Studies of Epigenetics

Fatalistic – I often hear the American Diabetes Association and the Medical Industry tell diabetics … diabetes is genetic. “Nothing you can do about it?”

Hogwash! This is said to convince diabetics to continue the ‘carb up, shoot up’ diabetes treatments… which will keep diabetics on drugs and requiring their services.

Here is a study proving that genes and gene expresssions (outcomes) can be changed. First up is the study that generated the idea for this post.


1) What You Eat Affects Your Genes

What’s the News: It’s no secret that having lunch messes with your biochemistry. Once that sandwich hits your stomach, genes related to digestion have been activated and are causing the production of the many molecules that help break food down. But a new study suggests that the connection between your food’s biochemistry and your own may be more intimate than we thought. Tiny RNAs usually found in plants have been discovered circulating in blood, and animal studies indicate that they are directly manipulating the expression of genes.


I repeat for emphasis:


Tiny RNAs usually found in plants have been discovered circulating in blood, and animal studies indicate that they are directly manipulating the expression of genes.


Plant RNA (here is a link on what RNA is) is “DIRECTLY manipulating the expression of genes.”

…  What you eat, affects the genetic ‘outcomes’.  


2) Click here for the study discussed in the above article.

Here’s a quote from the study:

These findings demonstrate that exogenous plant miRNAs in food can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals.

The food we eat can ‘regulate’ gene expression.   What we eat can change the outcomes… want to change the outcomes? Change the inputs. 


 Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny

Your genes do NOT dictate your future.  Epigenetics can be a complex concept … but what it really boils down to is this?

“If you want to change outcomes … you must change the inputs”

In other words… your DNA is NOT your destiny.  You can change the ‘outcomes’ of your DNA …


There is no ‘fat gene’.  There may be genes that cause you to gain weight if you eat high carb, grain based foods.

The solution is to eat foods that do not cause you to get fat.

Eat the foods that do NOT cause you to become diabetic (nor foods that increase blood sugar and inflammation)

Eat the foods that do not cause gastrointestinal issues.

Eat a ‘low carb primal‘ meal plan, I do.


I was an obese diabetic with chronic health issues,  I changed my inputs and my obesity, diabetes symptoms and all health issues vanished.   And it’s not just me, there are many other examples (click this link) of people changing their ‘outcomes’ by changing their ‘inputs’.

Do NOT think that just because your relatives are  ____ (fill in the blank) that you are or will be that way too because of ‘genes’.

YOU control your destiny… do not let anyone or anything limit what YOU can achieve.


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